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Loss - I Am But the Sum of My ConditionsLoss
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: I Am But the Sum of My Conditions
Stars: 3
Blurb: Making his music somewhat of a performance art project both hurts and helps this album.


Everyone needs an outlet and American artist Dan Fox found his by creating electro/industrial music project Loss. Building his music with inspiration from his life experiences, he presents us with his latest album, I Am But the Sum of My Conditions, a sonic tour through his pain, sorrow, love, and hate.

After a rough walk through static and drums, which sound like the clanging of pots and pans or machine parts, you are greeted with effected vocals in “Smear,” and though the vocal effects make them difficult to hear they seem to fit the melancholy and artistic quality of the track. “Cruciation” unleashes the heavy bass but the ominous pads and background machinery make this one count. The track sounds urgent, important, almost as if you have to hear it even if you don’t want to. “Product of a Poor Self-Esteem Case Two: Drunk and Delusional” is a contender for the award for longest song title in the universe, but its static bass and electronics makes it a wild out of control affair that sounds large and vicious yet emotional and dark at the same time due to its light pads. The shortest track here is “Session 01,” a spacey interlude that brings together sci-fi elements and some horror like screeching pads to create a strong presence in general. “Instrumental” sounds almost as if it is a continuation of “Session 01,” continuing the pads of its predecessor but slowly building over time to a full composition of heavy dark electronics that seemingly wobble back and forth as well as, ironically, vocals. “Waiting for Answer” is where the entire album slows down and becomes more of a melodic walk through a cemetery and though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with each track clocking over seven minutes, it can become daunting. “Memory” is last but certainly not least with its Terminator like composition. Also interesting to note that the vocals are the most clear in this track, though they appear shortly and are ultimately conquered by strings and deep electronic drum pulses.

Loss makes music that is more of a series of paintings rather than a set of songs, seemingly attempting to illustrate a picture with the sounds and while this isn’t bad, it can be difficult to digest. Most of the tracks here are very long and it is easy to let monotony set in, though the songs do a good job of attempting to relieve it. Experimental as it may be, you should give I Am But the Sum of My Conditions a listen. Some will be turned away, but many will most likely stay for the whole ride.
Track list:

  1. Smear
  2. Cruciation
  3. Product of a Poor Self-Esteem Case Two: Drunk and Delusional
  4. Session 01
  5. Instrumental
  6. Waiting for an Answer
  7. Watching You Crumble
  8. Product of a Poor Self-Esteem Case Four: The Girl with the Plastic Face
  9. Memory

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