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Lorelei Dreaming - BansheeLorelei Dreaming
Category: Industrial / Electronic
Album: Banshee
Blurb: Chicago based artist Laura Bienz takes a different artistic direction with Lorelei Dreaming in comparison to her work with St. Griselda and Angelspit, unleashing a solo project that is modern, versatile, and here to stay.


Lorelei Dreaming is a fresh new project and the brainchild of Chicago musician Laura Bienz. It takes on exquisitely different forms in comparison to her work with St. Griselda and Angelspit. Bienz joined forces with Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit for the creation of this release with a style of music that’s been branded as “Dystopian Future Pop,” and with this project, she works a distinct and captivating approach to songwriting craft that has a strong and magnetic appeal.

Banshee takes the listener into imaginative and soulful realms of inspiration as each track and remix is saturated with surreal tones, layers of soundscapes, and engaging lyrics. The album begins with “Scream With Me,” and the track does a remarkable job in setting the tone and groove for the rest of the release. Just about every song has a dance floor friendly feel that sounds like it contains the best and most danceable elements of indie electro fused with industrial/EBM, but Bienz has a natural and keen ability to bring a new and unique emotional energy and dark touch to each song that keeps her repertoire fresh and unpredictably good. The foot-moving dynamic to her music may also be explained by the fact that she spent a lot of time in Chicago’s indigenous industrial dance floors. “Volcano” and “Parachute of Gold” are great examples of steady and subtle musical buildups that dismount into melodic and rhythmic climaxes. Bienz’s vocals also inject a sense of fantasy into her music, blending well digital vocal effects with her own melodic, dominating touch.

Lorelei Dreaming also teamed up with some heavy-hitting artists for different mixes of her music, adding new and different takes and touches to her work, and their combined efforts are a testament to the versatility of Lorelei Dreaming’s material. The Edge of Arrakis remix of “Edge of the World” by Stoneburner unleashes a digitally tribal touch, that for lack of better wording, would go great along to a scene from the sci-fi saga Dune (which is something Steven Archer is known and appreciated for). The Echo Chamber mixes are all also fantastic and a pleasure to enjoy. Every artist brought solid and inspired renditions to the tracks in Banshee.

Lorelei Dreaming has successfully created music that is catchy and remixable, but most importantly, that also has fierce musical substance and inspiration. Laura Bienz continues to stay productive and prolific with her creations, and we can only expect more heavy-hitting music and collaborations in the near future, and even more refined musical compositions to come.
Track list:

  1. Scream With Me
  2. Volcano
  3. Edge of the World
  4. Echo Chamber
  5. Parachute of Gold
  6. Volcano [Seeming Remix]
  7. Echo Chamber [The Sweetest Condition Remix]
  8. Edge of the World [Edge of Arrakis Mix by Stoneburner]
  9. Parachute of Gold [Blacklight Remix by The Rain Within]
  10. Scream With Me [The Dead Room Remix]
  11. Volcano [DJ Addambombb Remix]
  12. Echo Chamber [Iris Remix]
  13. Parachute Remix [Planet Damage Remix]
  14. Edge of the World [Digital Gnosis Remix]
  15. Echo Chamber [Adventu Impar Remix]
  16. Scream With Me [GoFight Remix]

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