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Lords of Acid - Smoking HotLords of Acid
Category: Techno / Industrial / Electro
Album: Smoking Hot
Stars: 4
Blurb: Sexy, fun, loud, devious, and daring, Smoking Hot plays better than a greatest hits collection – Praga knows how to work it.


Gimmicks… lots of artists have them. Some are shallow and affect the music little, but since the band’s inception, Lords of Acid has been more than a gimmick. Lords of Acid’s music is an aural explosion of sexual freewheeling with a handful of pills and a shot of booze, and has been since the first release, Lust, in 1991. As the name implies, Lust was a sideshow striptease of high energy beats and unflinching candor; “Most Wonderful Girl” even ended up featured, appropriately, on the soundtrack of Sliver, a film notorious for its sexual content. For anyone who may have never heard the Lords, the band’s catalog is a twisted adventure that strays drunkenly from serious to humorous within the span of a single song. Big, voluptuous beats and sensual layering with banshee vocals are part of the trademark Lords of Acid sound with Smoking Hot comprised of founder Praga Khan’s handpicked favorites from the Lords of Acid discography.

The collection kicks off with “Voodoo U,” an older track from the Lords collection that still sounds relevant and punchy, even for a track more than 20 years old. The drum & bass beats sound as fresh as they did thundering through mid-‘90s dance clubs, a throwback that welcomes in longtime Lords fans with the familiar. “Rover Take Over” is a perfect example of the sardonic humor that the Lords offer, with “I feel so alive / Come take me from behind / I feel wet and wild / Wanna do it doggy style” as the mantra that could stand up beside the most vulgar of hip-hop and rap. “She and Mrs. Jones” and “Nasty Love” shine among this collection and penetrates back into the realm of seriousness, all while offering a tongue-in-cheek wink. Smoky, sultry female vocals are featured on most songs, with “Hot Magma” being the only exception, unless moaning and gasping counts. The overall flow of Smoking Hot seems to start with a joke (“Rover Take Over,” “Sole Sucker”), before getting a little more serious (“Nasty Love,” “Lover,” “Most Wonderful Girl”), and finally getting down to business with the final tracks of the record as a climax to a wild ride through Khan’s mind.

Overall, Smoking Hot is a fun collection for Lords of Acid fans, both old and new, that should be appreciated as the background noise for a party (and/or orgy) or pounded through the car speakers (…with the windows up, of course). The collection shows off Praga Khan’s production and composition skills as these tracks come across as more technically proficient than other Lords of Acid tracks, especially some of the bigger hits (such as “Pussy”). Anyone who used Lords of Acid as the soundtrack to their high school/teenage years should use this opportunity to slip into something familiar. Others who have never heard the Lords should do so now, if for no other reason than to be enlightened as to what dirty music sounds like and feel funny in the pants for a little while.
Track list:

  1. Voodoo U
  2. Rover Take Over
  3. Sole Sucker
  4. She and Mr. Jones
  5. Nasty Love
  6. Lover
  7. Most Wonderful Girl
  8. Hot Magma
  9. Fingerlicking Good
  10. Sexbomb
  11. Drowning In Ecstacy
  12. Stripper

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