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Lords of Acid - Little Mighty RabbitLords of Acid
Category: Electro
Album: Little Mighty Rabbit
Stars: 2
Blurb: More pornographic techno goodness to break a decade of silence, though it’s hardly the spectacle one would have hoped for.


After a decade-long absence of new material, Lords of Acid finally return hot on the heels of the successful 2010 Sextreme Ball tour with a freshly wet pair of panties to throw in your face. Little Mighty Rabbit offers up an album’s length worth of material, encompassing three brand new songs and nine remixes, all filled to the brim with all the erotic frills and thrills the band has become known for. Never ones to shy away from any sexual fetish, the title track explores the masturbatory pleasures of vibrators with some rather snarky lyrics that run that fine line between campy and clever; quite typical for Lords of Acid, with layers of gritty synth loops and danceable beats beneath new vocalist DJ Mea switching between sexual moans and aggression, evoking past vocalist Ruth McArdle. “Drowning in Ecstasy” starts off similarly with an acidic techno loop that doubles up with some light guitars and a rather menacing vocal cadence reminiscent of the Voodoo-U era, while “Sole Sucker” is more reminiscent of old-school industrial with a warbling bass noise oscillating with a metallic beat, the vocal effect being akin to a mechanized dominatrix. There’s never been anything subtle about Lords of Acid’s lyrics, always delving into every pornographic pleasure that comes to mind, but listening to the three new songs on Little Mighty Rabbit, one gets the sense that Praga Khan and company are pushing perhaps a little too hard to prove themselves after so long a silence from the music scene. The music and production are topnotch, staying true to the Lords of Acid sound while still sounding modern… but that quality is both blessing and curse; these songs could have easily been featured on any of the past releases, yet they sound not much different from what one would expect from any current electro/industrial artist. Either the scene caught up to what Lords of Acid had always been doing, or the band simply ran out of ideas, even after 10 years of dormancy. Who can really say? Still, credit should be given for giving the fans the most bang for their bucks. Among the nine remixes featured, the most notable would have to be the Smell-O Kitty mix by KMFDM, transforming the song into a slow and dark throb of electro bass lines and ambient guitars, and the Tweaker mix, on which Chris Vrenna infuses his trademark percussive assault amid a myriad of squelching electronica and screeching industrial textures. As well, 3KStatic’s Suburban Secrets mix takes the song’s synth lines and vocals and mangles them into an abstract vortex of orgasmic soundscapes. Most of the other mixes, particularly those by Christopher Lawrence, DJ Micro, Radical G, and DJ Hardware and Oscillator Z are simply more techno filler for the dance floor. It might have been a more varied and enjoyable package had remixes of “Drowning in Ecstasy” and “Sole Sucker” been included. Be that as it may, it can hardly be said that Little Mighty Rabbit is a bad release for Lords of Acid; it’s just standard, and after 10 years, it would have been nice to hear something at least a little bit different.
Track list:

  1. Little Mighty Rabbit
  2. Little Mighty Rabbit (Smell-O Kitty Mix)
  3. Little Mighty Rabbit (Bass to Mouth Mix)
  4. Little Mighty Rabbit (Tweaker Mix)
  5. Drowning in Ecstasy
  6. Little Mighty Rabbit (Christopher Lawrence Mix)
  7. Little Mighty Rabbit (DJ Micro Mix)
  8. Little Mighty Rabbit (Radical G Mix)
  9. Sole Sucker
  10. Little Mighty Rabbit (Krack Bunny Mix)
  11. Little Mighty Rabbit (Suburban Secrets Mix)
  12. Little Mighty Rabbit (Dirty Dub Dildo Mix)

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