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Lithia - TarnishLithia
Category: Electronic / Experimental
Album: Tarnish
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: From deep electronics to random glitchy mashes of musical insanity, this single release is not easily digestible and should be approached with caution depending on tastes.


Lithia is the product of DJ Brandis Grier’s highly experimental and electronic mind. With her first single release, Tarnish, she seeks to set the very world on fire that she has been DJing for since 2001, but this time with her own creations. Title track and lead single “Tarnish” begins with a standard selection of electronic beeps and amorphous synths and bass that are later joined by vocal samples and ambient static like pads, giving the track a fairly original feel but not making it too memorable in the long run. The Dismantled Heart remix is much faster paced and set for the dance floor, adding in some interesting pads and synths that make the track a little less instrumental but overall a little more interesting than the original. Interface tackles the track next and goes full on electronic dance track with the song, eschewing the experimentation for a straightforward approach that does indeed breathe new life into the track. Symmetrical Syndrome’s Defective Stigma remix is a glitchy, garbled amalgamation of the track and its electronics with a variety of other hard and heavy noise pieces that mash together something you may or may not want to listen to as it is a difficult order to process in general. The Glue On Smile remix offers more of a club friendly atmosphere and you’re most likely to catch this one in a local dance club, but it strips the track of much of its chaos for a more repetitive concoction. All in all, Tarnish has a bit of diversity to offer and isn’t a bad track by itself if you are looking for something a little different. However, if you aren’t, you’d be best to keep your distance.
Track list:

  1. Tarnish (Original)
  2. Tarnish (Dismantled Heart Remix)
  3. Tarnish (Interface Remix)
  4. Tarnish (Symmetrical Syndrome Defective Stigma Remix)
  5. Tarnish (Glue On Smile Remix)
  6. Tarnish (Dyskhord Remix)

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