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Liquid Stranger
Category: Electronica
Album: Steel Trap EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Soothing and mellow, Liquid Stranger’s Steel Trap EP is pleasant but lacks variety.


Less varied than the songs heard on The Intergalactic Slapstick, the Steel Trap EP seems to be much more reggae inspired, with deliberate rhythms, layers of deep electronic sounds, and voices used primarily as instruments rather than focusing on lyrics.

Steel Trap is mellow music for stoners and insomniacs. The beats are slow, the melodies are subtle, nearly hidden behind the rhythm, and the voices sound like a vacation to the islands – warm, sunny, and very unrushed. This could easily be background music for a late night party. The problem is, though, that because every song is so mellow, subtle, and relaxed, they tend to run together. There is very little difference between “Aftershock” and “Rough Road.” Sure, one has an accordion-sounding instrument and the other seems to feature more of a traditional reggae beat, they aren’t very distinctively different.

Interesting and nice to listen to, Steel Trap is a pleasant EP for quiet moods. Although the songs are all very similar, at least that means you can set it to repeat and not notice when the five songs have played multiple times each.


Track list:

  1. Deep Down Below
  2. Aftershock
  3. Full Metal Jacket (175pf Reload)
  4. Rough Road (Fender Bender Fix)
  5. Sincerely Yours


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