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Life in Sodom - The Hollow and Haunted HouseLife in Sodom
Category: Goth / Darkwave
Album: The Hollow and Haunted House
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A playful and fun departure from Life in Sodom’s usually melancholy fare, this melodic tale of a creepy haunted Victorian doesn’t take itself too seriously and is all the better for it.


The Hollow and Haunted House contains only three songs – the title track, an instrumental version, and a remix. The opener is a gem, perfect for light Halloween party playlists, coming across as though it was written for children in the best sense possible. The drums are quick and clean in the style of the spritely pop of the ‘50s. The first guitars that join in are indicative of Life in Sodom’s extensive catalog, processed and ethereal; a cornerstone of the genre in which they operate. The vocals are similarly grave, although the lyrics quickly reveal an Addams Family sensibility. What really gives the song its charm and color is the addition of reverb soaked surf guitar. The combination of so many types of imagery battling for space in your mindscape work in such a pleasing way so as not to detract from the song itself. The cold autumn themes of the lyrics and vocals blend into the coppery sun drenched guitar tones creating a song that will haunt you for hours afterwards with its catchy hooks.

The instrumental track is excellent on its own, giving listeners the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in Life of Sodom’s clever songwriting and structure. The guitar riffs, even without the accompaniment of lyrics, seem to ask the question posed in the refrain: “What did the devil leave behind in that hollow and haunted house?” The instrumental is so fun on its own that it could easily fit into an eclectic playlist, not revealing itself as genre music at all. So adroit are Life in Sodom at picking up on the forms of ‘50s rock, a casual observer might mistake the instrumental of “The Hollow and Haunted House” as an old classic.

The third version of the song is perhaps the weakest but has its own set of unique characteristics. Life in Sodom has backed off of the production a bit as the surf guitar has less weight in the song. The vocals have been remixed and come closer to the front allowing us to appreciate the quality of the voices in the act, especially when they harmonize.

The Hollow and Haunted House is a lighthearted departure for a morose crowd that spends a great deal of time sifting through ashes. Its style is open and welcoming, with a touch of childhood dread thrown in for good measure. While it’s not as over-the-top corny as “The Monster Mash,” the three versions of “The Hollow and Haunted House” presented here will make a great addition to Halloween playlists for many years to come.
Track list:

  1. The Hollow and Haunted House
  2. The Hollow and Haunted House (Instrumental)
  3. The Hollow and Haunted House (In a Woodshed)

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