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Lestat - ArisenLestat
Category: Industrial/Darkwave/Gothic
Album: Arisen
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A melodic and brooding trip through the world of vampires, accompanied by deep singing and dark growls at a slow methodical pace.


Vampires exist! In musical form that is, by way of veteran industrial/darkwave outfit Lestat. After breaking up and descending to the underworld in 2000, Lestat reemerged in 2010 and released the aptly titled Arisen in 2012, the band’s first full-length release since 1994. Arisen is an album that is dark and moody, with bass lines that pulse like blood through the veins and deep vocals that range from growls to melodic singing. All vampire talk aside, Arisen begins with the haunting “Them,” which comes across like a conversation with a monster of some kind with a deep bass line and slow pace, while the vocals volley between heavy growls and spoken female vocals. A remake of a Click Click track, “Awake and Watching” is the track that really kicks the album into gear with its dance ready drums and bass as well as extremely catchy vocal melodies. Dancing or singing along is definitely expected with this one. You’ll get more catchy melodies and melodic singing with “Midnight Toll,” the atmospheric bass keeping this track going throughout, sure to hypnotize. “Long Since Forgotten” keeps the moodiness flowing and the male and female vocals play well off of each other, creating a harmonious sound in the song’s chorus. “Sent from Hell” is one of the more aggressive productions on Arisen and has the lyrical content of brimstone and hellfire to match its wild electronics and guttural growl. Lestat brings the album to a close with “Nothing Left,” which combines the growls with the deep male singing as they take turns leaving their mark on the listener. A remix to “Midnight Toll” by Adrian Smith is also added as a bonus and is a bit of a stripped down version of the song, removing the verses in favor of repeating the track’s chorus and relying completely on ambient and moody pads. Arisen is a good reintroduction of Lestat, the dark, brooding atmosphere of the tracks and slow methodical pace sure to please longtime fans and hopefully grab new darkwave fans by the ear.
Track list:

  1. Them
  2. Awake and Watching
  3. Midnight Toll
  4. Arisen
  5. Room 13
  6. Long Since Forgotten
  7. Red Light (Revisited)
  8. Little Girl Lost
  9. Sent from Hell
  10. Nothing Left
  11. Midnight Toll (Spinal Mix by Adrain Smith)
  12. Hidden Track

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