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The Legendary Pink Dots - The Gethsemane OptionThe Legendary Pink Dots
Category: Experimental / Industrial
Album: The Gethsemane Option
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Living a third of a century outside of the box and no signs of slowing down, the imposing avant-garde collective further refuses to be pigeonholed in this latest riveting foray.


Undeniably one of the most open-minded and musically diverse outfits in existence, The Legendary Pink Dots has done it all. From folk to industrial to neo-psychedelia to jazz and much more, it comes as no surprise that the group’s longevity is largely due to the notion that nothing is ever off limits. Now releasing creations through the highly esteemed Metropolis Records label, the masters of sound manipulation continue to indulge in unorthodox genre-fusing behavior with The Gethsemane Option.

Crunching sweeps, taunting bells, and “for this is holy magick!” declarations in “A Star is Born” steers the politically heavy excursion in a downright disturbing fashion. While Edward Ka-Spel’s vocals retain the emotionally cryptic, nearly monotone cynicism throughout, “The Garden of Ealing” briefly deviates from that, climaxing to an epic, gut-wrenching outcry of the current state of the world as Erik Drost viciously shreds his guitar like there’s no tomorrow. Organic chimes, bleeps, and wooden instrumental sways accompany the narrator’s hopeful social reform before it’s crushed by reality in “Esher Everywhere” and met with omnipresent fear in the industrial-driven matrix known as “Grey Scale.” Mechanical washes and an overall trip-hop-like lament find home in “A Stretch in Time” before the concluding “One More Dimension” progresses to a creaky wooden door mocking humanity’s failure to see a paradigm shift.

While the story can conceivably be esoteric at first, the message that bleeds through the elaborate ambience with each subsequent listen is well worthwhile and makes the ending that much more frightening. With that said, The Legendary Pink Dots nailed it in almost every way and, additionally, present an accessible gateway for newcomers to explore the band’s extensive discography. The Gethsemane Option is conceptually bright and melodically dark, ultimately serving up one of the finest experimental exploits of the year that should not be missed.
Track list:

  1. A Star is Born
  2. The Garden of Ealing
  3. Esher Everywhere
  4. Pendulum
  5. Grey Scale
  6. A Stretch in Time
  7. One More Dimension

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