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Last July - A True Story of a LieLast July
Category: Electro / Alternative
Album: A True Story of a Lie
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The dark romantic pieces don’t always fit together here, but when they do, the results command and express feeling and passion.


Last July is a dark electronic combination of driving guitar riffs, synths, and emotional, passionate vocal deliveries at every turn. With the various elements combined, Last July has composed its debut album, A True Story of a Lie, packed with enough melancholy and deep romanticism to make even the most broken of hearts feel like they’re not alone in their struggles. The guitars and vocals are the stars of the show throughout the album as the electronics seem like they’re taking a serious backseat to both, which stops them from having the deep impact you’d expect. Though this doesn’t take a lot away from the album, it does cost it a valuable piece that could push it over the edge. “Autumn” kicks off the album with an anthemic bang as the electronics play the background and the vocals take center stage with the guitars pulling you in effortlessly. Definite single candidate “Glamorous Parasite” is a track that showcases the potential of the group as the guitars hit, while the electronics back them up and the vocals ice the cake and provide the meat at the same time, bringing the elements of each individual and each instrument together perfectly. “Steal You Away” is another well placed and well built showcase track that builds together all the elements brought to the band by each individual. Here the electronics aren’t playing second fiddle as they shine right next to everything else. “Going Home” has a catchy and bouncy bass line that lurks about, sure to cause some uncontrollable head movement while the guitars cut into you during the chorus. “Muses” is the kind of mid tempo beat that the album needs to keep itself from being boring and it pops in at just the right time with its dark synths. However, despite the pick up in pace, the track is very haunting. The piano version of “Steal You Away” is the perfect end for A True Story of a Lie as the piano ballad, matched with the emotional vocal delivery, gives the entire album a feeling of completion and rides it off into the moonlight sweetly. At times, the pieces of Last July seem like they don’t combine perfectly, but at other times, they sync up with great results and this is the driving force behind this album. The dark synths and guitars dance over the drumbeats with minimal effort as the vocals weave their way on top of them all. A True Story of a Lie stands as a good debut and while it may not be perfect, it certainly has a lot to offer and should be given a shot as it’s sure to win over a fair share of listeners.
Track list:

  1. Autumn
  2. A True Story of a Lie
  3. Scars
  4. Glamourous Parasite
  5. Alone Afraid
  6. Steal You Away
  7. Going Home
  8. Restless
  9. Muses
  10. Eyes
  11. Deadfall
  12. Steal You Away (Piano Version)

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