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Larry Kucharz - Unit IA42Larry Kucharz
Category: Ambient / Electronic
Album: Unit IA42
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: While sometimes lacking in direction, Unit IA42 is a comprehensive, creative exploration of Kucharz’s minimalistic style of electronic music.


The curiously titled Unit IA42 is the latest release from electronic artist Larry Kucharz. Kucharz has been around for a while and probably feels entitled to name his albums however he wishes. Born in 1946 and a composer and mixed media artist since the ‘70s, Unit IA42 is his twentieth release with International Audiochrome – the other 19 being albums number 22 through 41, respectively.

Unit IA42 is entirely instrumental, as were Kucharz’s previous works. There are no vocals to hide a sparse melody and no distracting lyrics covering an otherwise mediocre beat. The listener is not simply presented with a series of songs; rather, the listener is invited to travel with Kucharz through the album at a leisurely, if occasionally meandering pace. But be prepared to stay for the long haul – the majority of songs on this album clock in at over six minutes in length.

The first track does a good job of introducing the general feel of the album. Entitled “Love IA42,” it has an airy, ethereal atmosphere that belies the underlying constant staccato beat. This theme pervades the album, although there were some highlights that stood out. Tracks such as “Binary Funeral IA42” and “Quirky Trance 42” introduced melodic elements to counter the stark bass and computerized samples, while “U302 Remix 42” and “Galaxy 42 Polka” both featured a pleasantly brisk, danceable beat.

The only downside with such a freeform, experimental album is that it can be easy to lose focus. At times, it would have been refreshing to hear a stronger sense of direction. Many songs present a subtle evolution of sounds, which while fascinating to dissect, can appear repetitive to a casual listener. For fans of a minimalistic electronic style, this album is a treasure trove of fascinating nuances and carefully hidden gems. But for the average music fan, the lack of cohesive musical direction is disconcerting and detracts from the creativity shown in many of the songs.
Track list:

  1. Love IA42
  2. Life IA42
  3. Binary Birth IA42
  4. Binary Funeral IA42
  5. U302 Remix 42
  6. Quirky Trance 42
  7. Juke It 42
  8. Galaxy 42 Polka
  9. Do It 42
  10. Temple Dance 42
  11. Ambient Dance 42

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