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LAN Formatique - The Sadness of DistancesLAN Formatique
Category: IDM / Ambient / Industrial
Album: The Sadness of Distances
Stars: 3
Blurb: A richly emotional dreamlike album that quickly fades from memory.


Though apparently first released in 2009, the second album from Scottish act LAN Formatique has finally received a proper physical release via U.S. label Signifier. A mellow and relaxing blend of glitch, soft harmonies, and sorrowful guitar riffs, LAN Formatique shows a great ability to set the mind at ease while simultaneously tugging at heartstrings and conveying the sorrow the title suggests.

The Sadness of Distances begins with the unassuming “Home? Is Run No More,” which deftly transitions from light airy synth work and builds as layers of guitar, percussion, and synth harmonies dance together. “Signals – Exchanges” brings lovely subdued female vocals into the mix, enhancing the melancholy feel of the track. “Airspaces” continues the album’s somber trend as mournful guitar riffs stand upon the quiet base of drums, twittering glitch, and deep rumbling electronics. The album largely holds to this style of lovely moments and elements that excel at capturing raw emotion, but the overall structure of the tracks, like what is found in “1st March 1990” and “Summer,” can leave things feeling a bit cluttered or like they were building to something they never got to. It ends up leaving listeners liking what they’re hearing while not feeling totally engaged by the music.

The Sadness of Distances definitely makes for a stirring and lovely trip, but when it ends, there is a bit of a haze that clouds the memory makes it feel like a half remembered dream. The emotion and feelings remain fresh but the actual events of the album can be a little difficult to recall. Though The Sadness of Distances doesn’t quite do enough to distinguish itself and is mildly lacking in the defining moments for the listener to latch onto, it makes up for it in its ability to capture emotion and its overall beauty.
Track list:

  1. Home? Is Run No More
  2. Signals- Exchanges
  3. Mind the Gap
  4. Airspaces
  5. 1st March 1990
  6. All Winds Go Sighing
  7. Never Let Me Go
  8. Summer
  9. The Stars Are But Thistles
  10. Home? Is Run No More (Subheim Remix)
  11. Airspaces(Detritus Remix)

LAN Formatique Website http://www.lan-formatique.net
LAN Formatique http://www.myspace.com/lanformatique
Signifier Website http://www.signifieronline.com
Signifier Facebook https://www.facebook.com/signifieronline
Signifier Twitter http://www.twitter.com/signifieronline
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