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Lady Parasyte - Abandoned Places
Category: Industrial
Album: Abandoned Places
Stars: 2
Blurb: Good music, not so good vocals.


LadyParasyte’s Abandoned Places isn’t a bad record. That is if you could somehow remix the vocals and use some sort of pitch correction on them as well. The music is fairly interesting, even catchy at times, reminding this writer of some of the better machine rock bands out there today, but when the vocals come in, it destroys the songs completely.

The vocals stick out like a sore thumb on this, mixed too far forward for the genre and seeming to be coming from a completely different place when you listen to the tracks. This writer was initially very impressed with the music and production, but that opinion took a quick dive into the depths of Hades once the vocals kicked in. It isn’t until you get to the sixth track on the record, “Flaunt” that it actually feels like the vocals are mixed correctly.

It can be appreciates what the band is trying to create here, though their music isn’t unique enough to overpower the poor vocal performance or mix on this record. Fans of bands like KMFDM and Angelspit could possibly enjoy this album if they can get past this one element. You know that scene in Boogie Nights when Dirk is trying to release an album and they show him in the studio cutting vocals? Listen to the song “Trapdoor” and images of that scene will doubtlessly come rushing into your mind. Clearly, LadyParasyte has a long way to go.
Track list:

  1. Playing Parasyte
  2. Satisfied
  3. Prick
  4. Trapdoor
  5. Abandoned Places
  6. Flaunt
  7. Shut Up
  8. Handful of Locusts
  9. Drown Me Out
  10. Bliss

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