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L ö W - Nunc ScioL ö W
Category: Ambient / Experimental
Album: Nunc Scio
Stars: 3
Blurb: This tribute to L ö W’s consciousness is a well blended mental excursion through his own mind.


L ö W is highly acquainted with murky facets of his identity. Originating from Canada, Jabin Cureces (aka LoWPh.), bequeaths his enlightenment with his first full-length album, Nunc Scio. The title, which is Latin for “Now I know,” is the follow up to his EP, Nosce Te Ipsum (“Know thyself”). Both albums pay homage to cognizance and are clear representations of Cureces’ introspection. Where the preceding release is like an amusement park attraction that hasn’t quite fixed all the glitches, Nunc Scio is the polished rollercoaster that leaves patrons satisfied with its encephalic voyage, containing clarity that Nosce Te Ipsum lacks.

The funfair begins with “Primer Movimiento.” It has a vocal sampling from an obscure film in the first few seconds; most tracks on Nunc Scio feature this type of media, and it often minimizes from the music’s simplistic beauty. Despite this, the film aspect is fitting in “Primer Movimiento,” and the ghostly harmonies and dramatic instrumental orchestration are a mélange of a delightful nightmare where a person is fearful of unfamiliar territory in the dream world, but nothing horrific actually occurs. The pinnacle tracks are “Nébularie” and “vWWv.” “Nébularie” includes a long monologue from the film, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, which is a bit excessive. The soft tune that floats in and out of the piece redeems the overuse of cinematic content. “vWWv” is gorgeous and melancholic, and perhaps the best on the album due to the use of a violin and lack of vocals. As a standalone track, “Nosce Te Ipsum” is convoluted, despite encompassing various aspects of nature and ambient noise that is pleasing to the ear. It is included on Nunc Scio, but is in the middle of the album and its placement makes it a more comprehensible track. It’s like an interlude of walking around LowPh.’s mind, leaving one attraction and moving to the next, presenting themes that are apparent through the rest of the album, like the somber male vocalist who wails in the background.

L ö W’s Nunc Scio is a soundtrack to front man’s Jabin Cureces’ psyche. Having started L ö W in 2011, one could assume that Cureces’ has been involved with the project for much longer; he shows much potential. Nunc Scio is the stronger of his two 2012 releases, taking the listener from one area of his thought processes to the next with smooth transition. His prior release, Nosce Te Ipsum is also respectable – the eponymous track is decent, but its meaning is easier to extract when placed in the center of full-length Nunc Scio, rather than having the full spotlight as a single. As his body of work increases, fans may anticipate which portion of identity Jabin Cureces will contemplate with each release.
Track list:

  1. Primer Movimiento
  2. Nèbulaire
  3. Tempíte Arrogante
  4. Quando as Nuvens Assumen
  5. vWWv
  6. Crisálida Agnûsica
  7. Nosce Te Ipsum
  8. Beta Plasticity
  9. House of Moths
  10. Grebeni
  11. Kakous
  12. Lotka-v0L
  13. Faysan
  14. Slough of Despond

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