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Krystal System - RageKrystal System
Category: Industrial
Album: Rage
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: The les enfants terrible of European industrial brings together the grit, the power, and the supply of punk attitude and mold a record that is as energizing as it is mature.


Having been blessed with hugely positive responses to the debut album Underground, Krystal System returned in 2011 with the probability of repeated success challenged by the odds and weight of expectations. Thankfully, the violent birth pangs that often define immediate follow ups to a successful first release did not squander the penchant of the duo for a highly energetic, uncompromising mélange of punk spirit and industrial grit, so powerfully expressed on Nuclear. This year brings the duo’s third release and with a trajectory set for success, the band indeed delivers a worthy successor to the past material, enriched by hints of some unexpected flavors.

In its heart, still untainted by even the smallest symptoms of insincerity, Krystal System continues to express itself through the ongoing synergy of electro and metal, even if the order of this newest record is slightly redefined for the purpose of more deliberate and complex rhythms and moods. The powerful trinity of the opening tracks defines the subtle shift in the method of Bonnie’s and N°7’s music that grows from the immediate force of guitar riffs and furious vocals only to transcend this rebellious attitude and present the listener with a thoughtful and often melancholy take on elements that usually service the ambivalent purpose of alternative and progressive rock. Some of the most memorable moments of “Rage” are paradoxically derived from tranquil passages of gently stricken chords and reverberating choirs. “The Next Light,” heavily reliant on deafening metal assault and genre-bending rap vocalizations, weaves this yarn of considerate pacing and thoughtful, lush textures even closer to the core of its structure. Quickly, this newly found aspect of Krystal System’s oeuvre settles within the overall sound of the album and tracks like “Hurricane” or “I Wanna Be” organically intertwine acoustic elements, noisy instrumentations, and dynamic electronica. The track list never settles for repetition though, and the directions in which the French duo’s creative flux is channeled makes for surprising encounters with tracks like rocking “26 Days,” the intense and ferociously catchy “Parasites,” and the unclassifiable but brilliantly playful “Tyler’s Waltz.”

Rage is a rare occasion on which audiences are able to track a band’s growth without ever giving up any of the qualities that shaped its identity upon the first encounter. Krystal System’s new album is filled with powerful and raw, punk inspired songwriting that encapsulates the band’s untamable and infectious energy, but is also a fertile ground for thoughtful and intricate music that one might not initially expect. No single element ever blatantly dominates the shape and sound of Rage and whether you are addicted to the binary precision of electro or the unpredictable might of guitar fury, Krystal System offers a package of undiluted brilliance – do not miss it!
Track list:

  1. Rage
  2. Paradise
  3. The Next Light
  4. Hurricane
  5. La Lame Dans Ta Main
  6. I Wanna Be
  7. Tyler’s Waltz
  8. Parasites
  9. Quick Pray
  10. 26 Days
  11. Heroes
  12. Fantme
  13. Bye

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