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Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester - Overlook HotelKristoffer Nyströms Orkester
Category: Industrial / Dark Ambient
Album: Overlook Hotel
Rating: 4.5
Blurb: Nordic industrialists’ debut LP yields an album of soundscapes and cinematic breadth.


Overlook Hotel is the newest release by Norway based duo Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester, marking the band’s first proper LP and second release since 2006’s brakeHEAD. Those six years were very well spent as Overlook Hotel bears a much more mature and developed sound to its predecessor, replacing the post-apocalyptic atmosphere with something that is claustrophobic and sinister. This album has a lot to offer for even those not acquainted with the genre. As most acts tend to focus solely on sound shaping, KNO manages to inject mechanical rhythms into the equation. The effect is similar to Swedish acts Deutsch Nepal and Brighter Death Now, a sound ultimately foreboding, bass heavy, and hypnotic.

The opening track, “Night Corridor” coagulates its atmosphere against the warped loop of a 1940’s torch singer. The slowly effervescing bass set against rather benign lyrics gives the impression of a place long since abandoned, even haunted. Other tracks like “Cleaning Still Houses” and “Vulgalina Fever” inject simple, brutal rhythms into the noisy maelstrom, creating unease and paranoia as if the listener had found the doorway to hell. The cinematic quality should not be understated as artists like Lustmord or SPK’s Graeme Revell have scored music for TV and films. KNO is aware of dark ambient’s cinematic connections and is not afraid to exercise it. The tracks slot together to create some form of storyline, a soundtrack to an imaginary movie. KNO does not fail to make an album heavy, hellish, and ultimately immersing. If the general public happens to see them scoring the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it would not come as a surprise.
Track list:

  1. Night Corridor
  2. Cleaning Still Houses
  3. The Tale and Variation
  4. Industrial Pale Ale
  5. Becoming the Green
  6. Vulgalina Fever
  7. Helvetesfallet
  8. It’s a Test
  9. Ned I Det Bunnlose
  10. Astronaut 47

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