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Krebs - Immortal BelovedKrebs
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Immortal Beloved
Stars: 4
Blurb: Krebs’ latest EP, Immortal Beloved whisks listeners to another dimension through haunting, epic themes and soundscapes.


At the young age of 22, Michael Haggerty, the Philadelphian behind the spooky electro/industrial project Krebs, seems an old soul wise beyond his years due to his musical prowess. His latest EP, Immortal Beloved takes the listener on an adventurous musical journey to an alternate reality that explores the depths of darkness interspersed with glimpses of light.

The four track EP alternates between heavier industrial and softer symphonic songs, yet each track flows together well and creates a coherent mood. The opening track, “Nordlicht” sets the tone with eerie choral effects that segue into an up-tempo beat with a hypnotic synth melody. Angelique Zuppo lends her hauntingly ethereal vocals to the track, which complement Haggarty’s deep snarl reminiscent of PIG. “Zeroes” explodes immediately into an industrial slaughterhouse full of fuzz with hints of a warbling dubstep bass backed by a steady beat that steers the song. The vocal effects on the verses are pleasantly mechanical, but Haggarty also shows his more melodic vocal range on the chorus. Immortal Beloved also features an instrumental piece, “The Longest Night,” that lightens the tension created by the heavier opening tracks. The symphonic, dream sequence-like composition evokes the feeling of being a heroic character in an epic fantasy style video game with its gentler synths and lighter melody. The final track, “Snapping Like a String” carries on the fantasy world vibe, but this time combines the earlier heavy riffs and beats with a celestial underlying melody, tying the darkness and light theme of the album together.

Haggarty succeeds on whisking the listener to another place in time and space through his keen sense of composition and maintaining a fluid theme without making the songs repetitive or too similar. He’s got talent and drive for sure, and hopefully a full-length Krebs follow-up album in the works.
Track list:

  1. Nordlicht
  2. Zeroes
  3. The Longest Night
  4. Snapping Like a String

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