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KPT - KPT Alive by MachinesKPT
Category: Electronica
Album: KPT Alive by Machines
Stars: 4
Blurb: KPT becomes undone and makes his musical expressions truly understood with his new album, fusing an armada of breaks, fierce beats, and rapturous melodies into complex tapestries of sound.


KPT (or “KEPT”) has recently been very absorbed with his musical projects and all of that focus and energy has come together remarkably, adding up to intricate sound patterns and rhythmic electronic riffs that are reinforced with cinematic soundscapes. KPT is undeniably a rising marvel and he’s coming out swinging on various fronts with KPT Alive by Machines, which takes an artistic direction that also complements the work that he has done with his other project DEATHDANCE, yet dives a little deeper into surreal and digitally mesmerizing overtones.

KPT Alive by Machines is a rollercoaster ride of various musical spectrums and approaches, as well as a celebration of style and technique. “Ventilate” creeps up and grips with subtle, throbbing arpeggios while grinding stirs begin to build up in the background, melded with audio clips of countdown preparations as the track constantly intensifies, introducing what’s to come next. It’s by all means the perfect intro track that kicks off “Open,” which starts off with a robotic snare and distorted synth riffs that gradually evolve into clever, ripping rhythms until the track elegantly dismounts into a quicker, dancier beat. KPT next joins up with Gus Watkins on vocals and Les Gams with drums on “Revol,” which begins with light thumping tones in the backdrop and layers of modulated, ominous echoes, which suddenly become cut off by loud spasms of circuitry. Then the song begins to build more momentum, joined by poetic, laser-like vocal rant segments and hard percussion. “Dissolution” serves as a short, mechanical blurb to welcome “Collapsed,” which immediately disengages with flaring backing guitars and programming that begins subtly and then steadily escalates, ¬giving listeners the sensation of rising tension before the track becomes totally unbound and breaks into a rapid, driving beat. KPT then unites with Russian vocalist Jekke in the spellbinding collaboration “Descent.” He shifts to a more electronically jazzed gear while never losing those surreal and darkly imaginative melodies side-by-side with intertwining, gentle modulation floating through the thumping noisescapes, which is then greeted by a deep, massive bass line that carries and sustains Jekke’s resonating voice clearly and crisply throughout the rest of the rendition. “Burn” serves as yet another short, introductory mini-track with haunting tones that ends with heart pounding thumps that sync with the hard hitting beginning of “Disintegrate.” A symphony of cleverly placed sounds begins to grow more frantic in the background throughout the progression of the track until everything suddenly dips into a slow buildup, as if to catch breath, before firing off electronic bursts and then softly fading off in echoes and beeps. KPT produces his own arrangements on some performances and employs much of that material in his work, and on “Kiss-Off,” one can appreciate how he puts those elements into action and how he transitions from steady electromechanical riffs to a floor-driving rhythm that blends out with the lingering reverb of percussion. Not enough can be said about KPT’s ability to command such an ever morphing style and approach to musical production on KPT Alive by Machines. He winds down and ends the lineup with “Reconstruction,” which, unlike most of the previous tracks (with the exception of “Descent”), has a more contemplative and almost dreamlike ambience flowing harmoniously alongside complementing patterns and layers of programming, some sporadic and some on time, yet all perfectly arranged, randomly fading in and out in form and accompanied by succinct hints of percussion and hypnotizing bass lines.

KPT certainly continues to gain ground in the world of electronica by often keeping his audience guessing what he’ll do next track-by-track, and the noteworthy collaborative contributions of the artists involved in the making of KPT Alive by Machines, as well as the filming and direction of the dreamlike and beautifully bizarre video for “Revol” are also a testament of the hard work and high quality of the album’s production value. The release is a solid indication that KPT will keep on pushing the envelope with his inspirations while also continuing to place strong focus on creative value, and that’s a win-win equation all around for listeners.
Track list:

  1. Ventilate
  2. Open
  3. Revol (featuring Gus Watkins)
  4. Dissolution
  5. Collapsed
  6. Descent (featuring Jekka)
  7. Burn
  8. Disintegrate
  9. Kiss-Off
  10. Reconstruction

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