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Kordan - The LongingKordan
Category: Rock/Shoegazer
Album: The Longing
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Kordan’s debut album does leave a longing: for more substance to go with all that style.


Debuting from Brooklyn, New York comes Kordan, mixing electronics with shoegazer rock for an airy and ethereal sound perfect for a relaxing moment. Synths are overlaid with guitars and effected vocals for a humming atmosphere of mellow music. Kordan’s first album, The Longing showcases their style through 11 tracks of like sound. However, for all of its glints, The Longing feels lacking in solid substance, seeming to reach for appeal to a niche market crowd rather than expand the full reach of Kordan’s musical ability.

The entirety of The Longing follows the same wispy rock format: very mellow with guitars and vocals situated atop a steady drone and supported by either an upbeat dance groove or a smooth pulse. Tracks like “Mirror,” “Closer,” and “Shinjuku” work this pattern well, giving a post-rock base for the album. Kordan relies far too heavily on this technique, though, overburdening the album with the same sound again and again; if not for the track breaks, it would be difficult to tell where many tracks end and begin. It is a common critique when one does not find a band’s sound pleasing that “all of their music just sounds the same,” though there is a stark difference between having similarities between songs and tracks being nearly unidentifiable from each other in sound. Kordan treads dangerously close to the latter. Additionally, The Longing is rife with tracks that either end too abruptly or were never given the proper length to build into a solid piece of music; the amount of short tracks feel less like experimental music numbers and more like filler for an album yet to be completed.

Kordan would do well to expand its musical reach beyond its one-trick method. There is incredibly potential in this band that is being squandered, possibly to appeal to one audience that desires nothing but this same sound again and again. Until Kordan steps outside of its market, the band will continue to stagnate before they’ve even begun.

Track list:

  1. Dawn
  2. Shinjuku
  3. Fantasy Nation
  4. Tokyo Tears
  5. Colours
  6. Closer
  7. Dream
  8. Mirror
  9. Hologram
  10. Ghosts
  11. Dawn (Redux)

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