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Kopfer Kat
Category: Industrial / Power Noise
Album: Skrammelpop
Stars: 3
Blurb: Minimalist to a fault, Kopfer Kat offers their take on rhythmic noise music with a modest amount of danceable originality.


Fraught with anti-melodic appeal and an absence of harmonious elegance, Kopfer Kat’s Skrammelpop aims to encapsulate what they believe rhythmic noise to be all about. Miles away from melodious, this debut entry is a noise-infused barrage of beat-pounding electronic music that will certainly appease any foot-stomper. Fans of Terrorfakt and paralleled acts will identify with what Kopfer Kat has created as an assemblage of music designed to get your heart pounding and your blood rushing. Under the Progress Productions label, the duo of Michael Andresen and Jimmy Andersson reveal to the world their wonderfully bold and aggressive sense of electronic musicianship. Arguably the label’s most aggressive lineup addition, Kopfer Kat delicately balances a firm dance element with their wildly abrasive industrial chaos. Where Skrammelpop might somewhat lack in stylistic diversity, it more than makes up for with an authentic EBM-infused/rhythmic noise tonality. Completely instrumental in content, each song reveals a raw and gritty quality that instantly hits you smack in the face. The first half of the album relentlessly takes you on a ride of electronic beats and analog industrial roughness, only to be let up with a more structured and rhythmic flow highlighted towards the middle. Not to say that there isn’t a rhythmic pace set by this industrially driven stream of beats, but a more melodic touch comes into play by the time “Planet Noise” finishes up. There’s homogeneousness to the music that might dissuade those who require more of a front-to-back listen to an album, but this is overpowered by the intensity of the songs individually. Only moderately diverse in style, it’s still easy to see a select few solid tracks fitting quite well in any underground DJ’s catalog. “Dirty Fucking Dogs” demonstrates this point nicely through a musical overhaul that elevates Kopfer Kat’s sound towards a much more danceable vibe. This club-like feel to the music continues on “Sonic Warfare,” a song that is guaranteed to have rivetheads filling any angry dance floor. “Containerfunk” finishes the album with this same danceable aggressiveness, only to be upstaged by the obscure bonus track “BINGO,” a one-minute bit of obscurity that awkwardly closes the album absolutely.

The element that Kopfer Kat explores through a harsh, rhythmic industrial component is what drives Skrammelpop along; not as an entirely listenable album straight through, but as more of a collection of individual tracks that warrant a listen singularly. The anti-melodic quality of angst-riddled noise holds a fair amount of danceable rhythm, and it’s by this that Kopfer Kat will soon be easily identified throughout the underground club circuit.
Track list:

  1. Frankenstein Stomp
  2. 2mT
  3. Distroyer
  4. Gruvdrift
  5. Ubervolt
  6. AFK
  7. Planet Noise
  8. Dirty Fuckin Dogs
  9. Sonic Warfare
  10. Arga Upp Sig
  11. Containerfunk
  12. BINGO

Kopfer Kat Website http://www.kopferkat.se
Kopfer Kat MySpace http://www.myspace.com/kopferkat
Kopfer Kat Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kopfer-Kat/117361438278397
Progress Productions Website http://www.progress-productions.com
Progress Productions MySpace http://www.myspace.com/progressproduction
Progress Productions Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ProgressPro
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