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Komor Kommando - Hail the Rhythm EPKomor Kommando
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Hail the Rhythm EP
Stars: 2
Blurb: Recycling the common dance floor fare and displaying sparse ambition, Komor’s latest sampler rapidly vanishes from memory.


Goth/industrial club familiars have surely at one point been lured to the dance floor by an infectious rhythm Sebastian R. Komor has helped create, as his collaborative history ranges from acts like Monofader to Icon of Coil, Blank, and many more. For the past few years he has also been working on his own, grinding out aggressive industrial floor wreckers under the aptly dubbed Komor Kommando. While the idea of leaving a favorable lasting impression is usually not foreign to him, the questionable, nearly schizophrenic 2011’s Oil, Steel & Rhythm left many puzzled and wondering his intent as a solo artist. In this latest snippet of what else lies in his future, Komor shows a slightly matured level of focus, but fails to create a memorable listen that falls far from ingenuity.

Despite the promising Latin Laibach-esque mantras, the monotonous “Servus Pulsu” quickly disengages one’s psyche with its rigid blueprint taken straight out of a significantly more tamed industrial/techno Combichrist or Grendel playbook that has blared through club sound systems thousands of times before. Following the same vein, “Cardiovascular System Check” is both a sonic and thematic retread as it hammers out a temperate cadence with urgency stressed by synthesized cellos and clinkering triangles with militaristic and hectic factory imagery to match. The symphonic version of “Servus Pulsu” is more of the same with its silver lining found in sporadically dreary string and piano arrangements while the fluttering vapid synths in the Intertia remix lacks any kind of crescendo to evoke a response from the listener, let alone a revisit after dance night.

Contradicting its own title and the beneficial purpose of an EP, Hail the Rhythm leaves very little to laud, much less anything to anticipate in the presumed follow up. It simply struggles to offer something new or even interesting to its respective genus, recycling the techno/industrial/EBM archetype with sights just aimed too low for that of a prolific artist. While there does seem to be some appreciable semblance of uniformity after the scatterbrained Oil, Steel & Rhythm, it’s going to take more than a pair of fairly bland tracks and creative cohesion for Komor to distinguish himself amid the proliferating wave of dance floor killers.
Track list:

  1. Servus Pulsu
  2. Cardiovascular System Check
  3. Servus Pulsu (Symphonic Version)
  4. Servus Pulsu (Red Mix by Inertia)

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