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Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Salvation EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: Not only acting as a remix companion to the band’s last album and as a teaser for an impending tour, KMFDM’s latest EP bridges the past and present as it wonderfully showcases some of today’s hot talents.


For over three decades, KMFDM has been setting the standard for excellence in production and performance in underground music, surviving the changing trends and even the harshest criticisms and delivering a powerhouse brand of industrialized rock that is as inspiring as it is incendiary. With the Salvation EP, KMFDM offers up a set of hard-hitting remixes from some of the current generation’s hottest acts, celebrating the 2015 tour of the same name. Kicking things off with the album mix of “Salvation,” the track is a perfect primer for the high octane jolt of energy that comprises the rest of the EP, complete with an infectious and strident rhythm and shimmering vocoder effects. Adding to the song’s charm is the revisiting of the chorus from “Naïve,” one of KMFDM’s best known songs from 1990, bridging the past and present in a seamless helping of Ultra Heavy Beat goodness. Of the two remixes presented on Salvation, Jimmy Urine’s MSI remix is no less danceable while adding a touch of soul with some additional female vocals to accent the already catchy chorus, and while perhaps a touch more glitchy in its arrangement of pumping distorted beats and crunching guitars, it is no less energetic and certainly not lacking in melodic punch. With Texas tribal/industrial act CHANT joining KMFDM on for the third consecutive tour, Bradley Bills does well to make his mark on “Blood vs. Money,” replacing the original’s drum & bass breaks with his own signature percussive barrage, which plays as a nice contrast to the Tritoxin remix by Tom Stanzel, which goes for a more gutturally electronic vibe that recalls some of the early dub flare that defined albums like Naïve and UAIOE. Finally, there is KMFDM ringleader Sascha Konietzko’s remix of “Brainwashed,” once again showcasing his programming mastery as grooving and glitching layers of electronics and ethereal vocoders make for a rather wonderful remix. The Salvation EP does its job as a companion to 2014’s Our Time Will Come, as well as giving fans a nice primer for the impending extravaganza that is sure to behold on the Salvation tour; however, more than that, the EP presents some truly inspired and diverse remixes that demonstrate just what levels of talent the current underground music scene has to offer. Put simply, Salvation is a must have for any KMFDM fan.
Track list:

  1. Salvation
  2. Blood vs. Money (Chant Remix by Bradley Bills)
  3. Salvation (Mindless Self Indulgence Remix by Jimmy Urine)
  4. Brainwashed (KMFDM Remix by Sascha Konietzko)
  5. Salvation (Dope Stars Inc. Remix by Victor Love)
  6. Blood vs. Money (Tritoxin Remix by Tom Stanzel)

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