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Category: Industrial
Album: KRANK
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: The band’s first single release in nine years is unfortunately marred by banality, although the B-side is among the band’s strongest efforts.


KMFDM has earned its place in the annals of industrial rock as one of the most influential and most popular acts in underground music history. Currently in its 27th year of conceptual continuity, the Ultra-Heavy Beat continues to stomp its way through the speakers with the band’s signature mix of styles and personnel. With the KRANK single serving as a teaser for the band’s 17th album, WTF?, listeners are treated to a veritable assault of EBM-inspired rhythms and bass lines, powerful industrial percussion, and grating metal guitars in the title track, with ringleader Sascha Konietzko proudly proclaiming “KMFDM is the drug for you.” This statement certainly evokes elements of the band’s past, particularly the infamous “A Drug Against War,” with Steve White’s six-string grind sounding very signature KMFDM, along with a slight vocal moan from Lucia Cifarelli reminiscent of Abby Travis’ appearance on “Megalomaniac.” In short, “KRANK” is KMFDM by-the-numbers, and the song both triumphs and suffers for it. It revels in its consistency and familiarity, yet it proves a weakness as the song bears little to distinguish itself from other, better songs in the band’s history. The two remixes by Komor Kommando and sometime collaborator Tim Skold are equally disappointing, both doing little to deviate from the song’s pounding EBM atmosphere, with only some searing synth lines added to Komor’s mix and a few glitch effects for added interest in Skold’s. On the other hand, the de facto B-side of “Day of Light” proves to be the single’s strong point as the 24/7 mix presents the vocals of William Wilson of Legion Within into the KMFDM mix, his throaty gothic intonations adding a sinister twist to the song’s already dark and creeping atmosphere of minimal guitar flourishes, pulsating synth bass, and the indecipherable echoes of a child’s voice. Longtime cohort Bill Rieflin transforms the song into a bouncing display of trippy, jazzy abstraction in the Revenge mix of the song as atonal pianos evoke the spirit of Mike Garson, the overall effect of the song being rather off-kilter. As the band’s first single release in nine years, KRANK is at least energetic and engaging enough to prepare listeners for WTF?, although the song itself seems perhaps too typical of what we’ve come to know and love from KMFDM thus far. Had a more diverse set of remixes been assembled, on par with the two mixes of the B-side track, KRANK could have been a more momentous release for the band; as it is, it’s rather middle-of-the-road for KMFDM.
Track list:

  1. KRANK (Käpt’n K Mix)
  2. KRANK (Komor Kommando Mix)
  3. KRANK (Knark Mix)
  4. Day of Light (Revenge Mix)
  5. Day of Light (24/7 Mix)

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