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KLANK - Urban WarfareKLANK
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Urban Warfare
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Danceable industrial meets groovy metal with a healthy amount of lyrical social commentary, making KLANK’s latest an entertaining call to action.


With a name like KLANK, one almost knows what to expect from the music – a vicious mix of heavy metal groove and rhythmic electronic textures, making for a sound as suited to the dance floor as for the mosh pit. With Urban Warfare, Daren Diolosa and company make a firm declaration of war against the conventions of industrial/metal, launching an all out assault of raucous riffs, pummeling percussion, and virulent vocals, topped off by subtle yet scorching synths and sequences that ground the band’s style firmly in the industrial realm without sacrificing the metal intensity.

After the appropriately titled intro of “A Call to Arms,” we plunge into the catchy keyboard stutters bouncing beneath a fist waving barrage of powerful guitars and beats. Diolosa’s mix of clean and aggressive vocals adds to the groovy properties of the music, full of emotional melodic release. From the get go, there is a discernible lack of polish in the production – not that the band isn’t a clearly tight-knit unit, but there is a very organic quality to the sound that keeps KLANK very firmly in the metal realm, with the samples and sequences adding just the right amount of flavor. This is especially notable on songs like “Bigger Man,” “Disdain,” and “Built to Survive” as Eric Wilkins bombastic rhythms play neatly against the electronics to build to an explosion of Diolosa’s guttural voice and raging guitars from Danny Owsley and Pat Servedio. Similarly, the programmed loops underscoring thrashing riffs on “Stomp You Out” and “We’re All Suspect” fire through the speakers like a metal blitzkrieg.

With lyrics addressing spiritual deterioration in modern society, Diolosa makes his message clear right from the onset of the growling title track. With sociopolitical undertones intrinsic to the industrial/metal genre, as well as a healthy dose of personal introspection, Urban Warfare is as much a statement of intent as it is a lament against the status quo, driven by an onslaught of hard-hitting guitar-driven fury. While some may not find the album to be a dramatic departure from past outings like In Memory Of… and Numb… Reborn, it reinforces KLANK as a band with a high degree of musical vitality, providing just the right amount of melodic accessibility and rocking force in the vein of acts like Prong and Fear Factory to appeal to a wide range of listeners.
Track list:

  1. A Call to Arms
  2. Unamused
  3. Urban Warfare
  4. Bigger Man
  5. Alive in Me
  6. Save Me
  7. Built to Survive
  8. Sick is the New Sane
  9. Stomp You Out
  10. Blow It All Away
  11. Disdain
  12. We’re All Suspect
  13. Eraser
  14. Something About You

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