May 2017 13

Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: RISE
Stars: 4
Blurb: Everything that fans have come to know and love about KLANK, but cranked up to the max as the band’s latest offering may be its hardest and loudest effort yet.


Since the band’s inception in the early ‘90s, Daren Diolosa has guided KLANK through a tumultuous but rewarding journey of musical exploration and personal discovery. True to the band’s name, KLANK combines vicious heavy metal grooves with the clang and clamor of industrial, with a healthy dose of hip-hop rhythm and melody, with lyrics that are anthemic in their defiance against any force that would dare to subjugate the individual. As such, RISE is all one could expect from KLANK, with the band proclaiming the album to have been “birthed from real life struggles, situations, and emotions that we face daily,” culminating in a form of “sonic therapy” that stands as one of the group’s most furious efforts yet.

No better proof of this intensity of emotion and volume could be offered than the opening track, “Bring Me Down,” as a programmed breakbeat skitters its way through the speakers, only to be demolished immediately by crushing guitars and beats, Diolosa’s shouts inspiring no small amount of head banging and fist pumping. From start to finish, every track on RISE strives to bombard the listener on every front, the scathing grind of the electronics in tandem with the guitars creating a nearly impenetrable barrier of industrial/metal fervor. But it’s not a constant onslaught as “Only Human” steps back into a rather solemn moment of funky electronics as Diolosa declares “We’re only human after all,” while the infectiously danceable groove of “These4Walls” plays well with emotive vocal harmonies and minimal but muscular guitar riffs. Similarly, “Till the End” brims with synths and sequences that seem to slice with the sharpened precision of an automated scalpel, the bouncy groove of the beats and guitar hooks making for one of the album’s catchier moments, and if the caustic breaks, squelching electronics, and incendiary guitar leads of “The Beast Within” don’t pump one up for an extended barrage in the moshpit, then this writer doesn’t know what would. And then there is a song like the instrumental “De-Volve” as the controlled chaotic interplay of guttural riffs with mechanical rhythms and samples makes for a perfect soundtrack to the inner workings of a war machine priming itself for battle, leaving the venomous closer, “The Damage,” to end RISE on a rather demonic note, the acidic howls of vocals, guitars, synths, and bass – complete with a marvelous guitar solo – standing easily as one of KLANK’s proudest and loudest moments.

KLANK’s formula has been a rather simple and straightforward one, with each new release content to simply strengthen the established style and focusing purely on lyrical poignancy, tight production, and heartfelt songwriting. This results in an album that is 100% KLANK, with listeners able to not only revel in all that they have come to know and love about the band, but still get their asses kicked by the sheer brute force that RISE dishes out. For this, RISE may be KLANK’s most arresting album to date, and one that this writer imagines will be very difficult for the band to top in the future.
Track list:

  1. Bring Me Down
  2. Better Place
  3. The Beast Within
  4. Only Human
  5. Rise
  6. These4Walls
  7. De-Volve
  8. Manipulation
  9. Till the End
  10. The Damage

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