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Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent
Killing Joke
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Absolute Dissent
Stars: 4
Blurb: 13 turns out to be lucky for Killing Joke as the original lineup reforms for this powerhouse album.


With 30 years and 12 albums under their belt, the original Killing Joke lineup reunites for this lucky thirteenth album, Absolute Dissent. This hugely underappreciated band has influenced many of today’s biggest rock and industrial acts with their unique blend of gothic-tinted rock, subtle electronics, and the distinctive vocals of Jaz Coleman. Absolute Dissent continues Killing Joke’s record of excellence and their trend of evolution and growth.

Largely, the album is what fans have come to expect from Killing Joke. Tracks like “Absolute Dissent,” “In Excelsis,” and “Here Comes the Singularity” show off the vintage high energy post-punk glazed rock style they have become known for. Breaking up these faster paced, edgier rock tracks and Coleman’s face peeling vocals, two of the most unexpected and most memorable tracks of the album are the significantly mellower “European Super State” and “The Raven King.” “European Super State” wistfully plays with a steady danceable beat and shows Coleman’s vocal ability goes far beyond his trademark coarse gravelly style, showing off harmonies that help make this an exceptionally smooth and relaxing treat for the ears. “The Raven King” is similarly mellow, but carries with it a grandness and majesty befitting the title as it ebbs and flows between its lovely verses and powerful chorus. Another surprise is the closing track, “Ghosts on Ladbroke Grove,” which carries a slight reggae or dub style that mixes seamlessly with gloomy rock elements and shows off Killing Joke’s boldness and lack of fear in trying new things and exploring new horizons.

Even after 30 years, Killing Joke still continues to impress and shows absolutely no sign of its age. Their subtle evolution of sound has kept their work ageless and modern with their new work pushing boundaries and innovating just as much as their work of old. Longtime fans will find plenty of Killing Joke’s typical energy and style to satisfy, but it is in the less typical work where Absolute Dissent truly shines and ranks this album amongst Killing Joke’s best and one of the must own albums of their discography.
Track list:

  1. Absolute Dissent
  2. The Great Cull
  3. Fresh Fever from the Skies
  4. In Excelsis
  5. European Super State
  6. This World Hell
  7. End Game
  8. The Raven King
  9. Honour the Fire
  10. Depthcharge
  11. Here Comes the Singularity
  12. Ghosts on Ladbroke Grove

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