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Kill the Sleeper - RebirthKill the Sleeper
Genre: EBM / Electro
Album: Rebirth
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Known for his many projects, this one man band’s solo project embraces yet another identity of Kettil Sundberg with the rerelease of what was a demo and now an album.


Originally released sometime in 2013 as a demo, Rebirth did not stick around long enough to allow the majority to permanently download it, which may have been exactly what Kettil Sundberg – the face of Kill the Sleeper – wanted. A year after disappearing off the internet, Rebirth was released again, with two remixes and guest vocals by “Madman” Seike and Dmitri Darling. Sundberg has been reprimanded by fans for giving his music an overall weird sound, using emo lyrics, and even being a little too punk; with Rebirth, he embraces everything that is said against him and uses it all as influence.

Songs like “The Words You Say Confuse Me So” and “Icing is for Cakes, Not Bands” certainly have that gothic undertone. Using downbeat electronics and the nü-metal influence of Dmitri Darling on “Icing is for Cakes…” is what helps to give these songs that creepy emo vibe. There are two instrumentals on the album, “High Fidelity” and “Homerun,” which have that rock & roll influence that may not appease some people, but overall, these two songs were produced so shrewdly that it would be hard to imagine anyone not enjoying them. The last two tracks are the remixes, with “Watching the Snow Fall Again” being remixed by Heartwire. The vocals are not touched in this remix, and the main changes come into play when the beat is reduced to something more lax, although it remains steady. Cease2xist remixes “Our Rusty Eyes,” making the song sound much heavier than before by taking away the light synths and soft beats.

Rebirth is clearly a very powerful album, using emotional strength as its base – loading it up with harsh vocals, very heavy beats, and clever electronics is abundant evidence of this. It seems as though Sundberg has once again reinvented himself through Kill the Sleeper and this album is solid basis to move on with.
Track list:

  1. Watching the Snow Fall Again
  2. Brushes Painting Hollow
  3. Our Rusty Eyes
  4. Tortured (The Lie II)
  5. Another Sleepless Night (feat. “Madman” Sieke)
  6. The Words You Say Confuse Me So
  7. Ketamine Candy and The Chocolate Dandy
  8. Waves Over Egypt (Interlude)
  9. Icing is for Cakes, Not Bands (feat. Dmitri Darling)
  10. High Fidelity
  11. You’re Destroying Me (Drone)
  12. Homerun
  13. Watching the Snow Fall Again (Heartwire Remix)
  14. Our Rusty Eyes (Cease2xist Remix)

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