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Kill the Dandies! - Those Who Hold the FlameKill the Dandies!
Category: Goth / Punk / Rock
Album: Those Who Hold the Flame
Stars: 3
Blurb: The sophomore release from this odd eastern European act makes for a fun and energetic time.


The second album from this eclectic Czech act shows continued refinement of the sound as they perfectly exude a gothabilly surf rock sound and its healthy aura of doom and gloom. Most similar in tone and overall style to acts such as The Cramps, Kill the Dandies! offers a high energy and modern take on the sound, run through an eastern European filter.

From the opening seconds of “Into My Flames” with its cries of “Come On!,” Those Who Hold the Flame immediately grabs the listener and instills within them a keen need to move along with its driving rhythm. Showing its softer, more seductive side, “It’s So Sad” and “And Through the Storm We Get Home” both offer a kind of sexy cool feel that manages to be sultry and sorrowful. “The King of Kalifornia” and “The Star” alternatively give off an infectious swirling hypnotic rock feel and offers a taste of how well the two vocalists of Kill the Dandies! work together to complement each other. However, “Panic Inferno” shows just the opposite, offering one of the few major disappointments of the album due to its total lack of any discernible hook as well as the truly awful attempt at a rock duet that sounds more like the two leads braying at each other rather than making any attempt at complementing each other. It is an odd and out of place track that feels very poorly conceived and put together, especially when compared to much of the rest of the album. The thick accents of Kill the Dandies! are on full display throughout the album, especially for the female vocalist. Their apparently not having English as their first language does occasionally hurt them, and in “Saturn,” it happens in rather humorous fashion as its uncertain if one of the main lyrics of the track is supposed to be “I want to shit on her face” or “I want to see her face.” The two obviously have wildly different meanings, and with the incredibly thick accents in the vocals making much of the track hard to understand, there’s little context to know what the intended meaning is.

Problems aside, Those Who Hold the Flame is a very fun and lively album that offers the unique opportunity to show a rock style largely associated with British and U.S. acts seen and revisited from non-English origin. Kill the Dandies! has absolutely made the sound its own and seems to have matured nicely since its debut. While the nine tracks of the album do feel awfully short, and one of them is best left forgotten, Those Who Hold the Flame is overall a good album from a promising band that hopefully has much more in store for the future.
Track list:

  1. Into My Flames
  2. The King of Kalifornia
  3. Panic Inferno
  4. It’s So Sad
  5. The Star
  6. Black River
  7. The Dog
  8. Saturn
  9. And Through the Storm We Get Home

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