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Kids of 88 - Just a Little BitKids of 88
Category: Electro / New Wave
Album: Just a Little Bit
Stars: 2
Blurb: Pleasant retro new wave EP with two pointless remixes.


Technically a five-song EP from New Zealand neo-new wave duo Kids of 88, it’s really only three songs. The final two tracks are remixes, and not very good ones.

The original song, “Just a Little Bit” is a bright, pleasant, and very retro ‘80s piece of new wave. It has a good groove, but it gets repetitive. The two remixes both drag the three-minute pop song out to over twice the length, adding nothing but plodding synth and annoying sound effects. The second remix adds an interesting distortion to the vocal track, but it’s overtaken by an overabundance of electronic vocal effects and a plodding synth.

The other two tracks, “Downtown” and “SQRL” continue the ‘80s vibe with a slightly different mood. “Downtown” has a more staccato beat in the new wave sound. The rhythm could benefit from a bass counterpoint to enhance the deeper and rougher mood. “SQRL” is slower with starker vocals and interesting echoing effects in the background. It’s reminiscent of the lovelorn early ballads of The Cure, but sped up with deep electro beats. The lack of variety and innovation will grate on many ears, as will the dragging and unnecessary remixes. Overall, this is a pleasant enough blast from the past, but doesn’t break any new ground or offer anything especially memorable.

Track list:

  1. Just a Little Bit
  2. Downtown
  3. SQRL
  4. Just a Little Bit (Allen Walker 1997 Remix)
  5. Just a Little Bit (Tony Senghore Remix)

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Elizabeth Green (salomedesade)

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