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Kevorkian Death Cycle - Mind Decay EPKevorkian Death Cycle
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Mind Decay EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: After a lengthy state of oblivion, KDC’s resurgent sliver offers a familiar form of industrial/metal with an appreciable refined edge.


For a band that was deeply entrenched in subterranean electro/industrial with a modest yet avid following, it felt like Kevorkian Death Cycle pulled the plug a little too early. Years flew by as its members pursued other endeavors with, of course, time being more kind to Roger Jarvis, who went on to create the ever changing industrial project HexRx and co-own Negative Gain Productions. After 12 long years, the LA based hellions signify their return with the single “Mind Decay” from the following album, God Am I.

The focus of the EP exudes a more mature and slightly tempered approach as mild electronics and punishing guitar riffs burrow through the opening of “Mind Decay.” As the track progresses, remnants of the ‘90s come through as glitchy murmurs break to a hooking chorus bulked with sludgy drum blasts, menacing drill-like synths and Ryan Gribbin’s gravelly truths. The hard hitting acerbic style that made harsh electro pursuers fall in love in the first place decades ago is still present while suggesting a channel with stronger song structures and vocal lucidity. The two reworks bring a different level of energy as fellow label buddies forego the guitar shreds and inject more electronic treatments. Alter Der Ruine’s moodier club ready remix and (A)Brilliant Massacr(E)’s more exuberant EBM take easily justify the investment.

While “Mind Decay” won’t be viewed as an innovative effort by many standards, it ranks as a respectable nod to the act’s past works while implying a step in the right direction, and more importantly, fares as a long overdue reintroduction to an underground powerhouse that some of us remember and, hopefully, won’t soon forget.
Track list:

  1. Mind Decay
  2. Mind Decay (Remixed by Alter Der Ruine)
  3. Mind Decay (Remixed by A Brilliant Massacre)
  4. Mind Decay (Radio Edit)

Kevorkian Death Cycle MySpace https://myspace.com/kevorkiandeathcycle
Kevorkian Death Cycle Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KevorkianDeathCycle
Kevorkian Death Cycle SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/kevorkian-death-cycle
Negative Gain Productions Website http://www.negativegain.com
Negative Gain Productions MySpace https://myspace.com/ngp
Negative Gain Productions Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Negative-Gain/212061438836984
Negative Gain Productions Twitter https://twitter.com/NGPNegativeGain
Negative Gain Productions Bandcamp http://hexrx.bandcamp.com
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