Jun 2011 17

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Kant Kino
Category: Industrial / EBM
Album: We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: There is only one Kant Kino, and they’re here to prove it.


Mixing ‘80s EBM, ‘90s electro, and current industrial, Kant Kino have stormed into the electronic music scene, determined to carve their name into the genre with their debut release We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not. A blend of harsh vocal distortion, heavy drum/bass combinations, and engaging hooks make for a powerful introduction to the Kant Kino brand.

Kant Kino has already mastered the art of EBM with numerous upbeat and complex pounding numbers littering the first half of the album. From the strong and extremely enjoyable bass and beat of “Firebrigade” to the critical hooks of “Submissive Nation,” Kant Kino kicks in the door with their best foot forward. “Invisible Tears” moves through multiple modes with a steady, melancholy support before jumping back into the heavy sounds of “Stille!” and “Owner of This House…”

The album rides hard and heavy for about seven tracks before the music starts to drag, the themes of Kant Kino growing repetitive though the music stays strong. Whereas previous tracks had blended harshly distorted vocals with clearer sounding voices, tracks such as “Forgotten Faces” and “Soulfood” lack this variety. The pacing drags slower and slower, losing the edge from the beginning. Fortunately, Kant Kino picks up the pace again with “Tales” before moving into their final number, a remix of “Fight,” their co-op track with AmGod that brings a heavier beat than any of the tracks before it.

In spite of the mid-album stumble and drag, Kant Kino’s sound does not suffer for it; the music is well crafted and expertly executed, though it does grind the nerves to open strong and fast only to follow up with a five-song block of slow paced songs.

The Norwegian duo has proven their worth; We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not is an excellent start and a fine example of sound. This genre will know the name of Kant Kino and remember it well.
Track list:

  1. We Are Kant Kino
  2. Firebrigade
  3. Submissive Nation
  4. Invisible Tears
  5. Stille!
  6. Owner of This House…
  7. Red Rain
  8. Forgotten Faces
  9. Soulfood
  10. You Gave Me Nothing
  11. This is Why
  12. Tales
  13. Fight (vs. AmGod Wax Off Remix)

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