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Kant Kino - KopfkinoKant Kino
Category: Industrial / Electronic / EBM
Album: Kopfkino
Blurb: Norwegian duo Kant Kino returns with a fierce new collection of songs that are more innovative, inspired, and daring than anything the band has produced before, giving listeners a broader variety of everything good to appreciate about EBM.


After the release of the first album, We Are Kant Kino / You Are Not in 2010, Kenneth Fredstie and Lars Hendrik Madsen continued to create mesmerizing music. Kopfkino is the third full-length release from Kant Kino and it is a tour de force of gripping and aggressive sounds and ferocious dance floor beats. At the same time, the music is more experimental and gives room for more expressive content with different rhythms and soulful melodies.

Kopfkino delivers a driving EBM edge throughout its entirety, as well as rich lyrical content. Much of Kant Kino’s art is inspired by everyday observations and introspective analysis, and this newest release is no different; as the title Kopfkino translates to “head cinema,” Fredstie and Madsen explore an array of ideas, observations, and emotions. Kant Kino fires off the album with “v3.0,” introducing the listener to a musically chaotic world with intelligently dark and ominous melodies. The experience of struggle and longing are embodied in songs like “Köbner Phenomenon” and “Want,” while tracks like “Closer,” “Control,” and “Step Up” are the heavy dance floor friendly EBM backbone of Kopfkino. Fredstie and Madsen also enlisted the vocal talents of Pernille Jensen for “Nag Gag,” where her smooth and clean driving voice and melodic accompaniments give the track such profound depth and different rich feeling in contrast to the duo’s vocals. “NIMBY,” “Belief,” and “Substaat” form part of the experimental skeleton of the album, providing haunting ambient soundscapes and intricate layers of programming with aggressive tones and ever changing cadences.

As the years go by with more music, artistic collaborations, and remixes under the band’s belt with artists like Front 242, Brüderschaft and Leæther Strip, Kant Kino continues to stay prolific and on the move to remain a musical force to be reckoned with. This latest collection of songs is more experimental than previous works with clearer vocalization, harmonious programming, and deeper and more introspective lyrical fullness. There’s less of the consistently rapid rhythms like in We Are Kant Kino / You Are Not and a broader variety of compositional styles. Fredstie and Madsen continue to stay true to form in their overall creative approach, making Kopfkino very versatile. This release is an indication that listeners can expect more and better in the near future, and it’s a great addition to any music lover’s collection.
Track list:

  1. Kant Kino v3.0
  2. Real
  3. Closer
  4. NIMBY
  5. Control
  6. Köbner Phenomenon
  7. Annihilate
  8. Wrong
  9. Belief
  10. Want
  11. Step Up
  12. Maybe
  13. Substaat
  14. Nag Gag (Slower)

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