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K.P. Riot Brigade - K.P. Riot BrigadeK.P. Riot Brigade
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: K.P. Riot Brigade
Blurb: Dana James brings together a long list of artists for an album that has its finger firmly on the sounds of industrial/rock’s heyday.


K.P. Riot Brigade is the brainchild of Tampa, Florida native Dana James, guitarist for the band The Convalescence. The album is a series of collaborations with a number of different artists and feels like a throwback to late ‘90s era industrial/rock, and that is not by accident. It features vocals from Jared Louche (Chemlab) and Mike Riggs (Rob Zombie, Scum of the Earth), and guitars and drums from the likes of Sin Quirin, Cesar Soto, and Aaron Rossi of MINISTRY. With all the different writers, players, and vocalists, K.P. Riot Brigade has the feel of a Pigface album.

There are a wide range of styles within the umbrella term of industrial/rock used here. There are slower Sister Machine Gun style blues tracks like “Breathe Again” and “Diseased.” There is the Rob Zombie-esque track “Violence with a Halo.” There are The Fragile era Nine Inch Nails style instrumentals like “Revenge of the Giant Face” and “Make It All Go Away.” Then there are hard driving rock tracks like “Intervals of Time (New Disease),” “Anguish,” and “Annihilate” that wouldn’t sound musically out of place on a late ‘90s Marilyn Manson album. An odd thing that this writer noticed about these last three tracks is that they all seem to have started with the exact same chorus guitar line, each then branching out into their own tracks from there. That oddity aside, the album has a very balanced feel to it where one could comfortably say that this is an industrial/rock album without feeling like it leans too far into any one of those disparate directions. It is a guitar driven album to be sure, but the electronic elements are not forgotten – every track has its share of pads, stabs, bit-crushed drums, and distorted pianos, and even though this writer has made many comparisons to other bands, K.P. Riot Brigade never sounds like it is copying from any of them, with the possible exception of “Violence with a Halo.” It’s an enjoyable track, but if someone were to have asked this writer who made this track without any context, he would have said Rob Zombie.

With as many writers are there are on the album it’s hard to know who is responsible for any given part, but Dana James seems to have directed this group, having co-written, co-engineered, arranged, and mastered all of the tracks – no small feat for a group this size. His ability to pull it off gives one hope that he will continue make music and expand out his talent.
Track list:

  1. Intervals of Time (New Disease)
  2. Violence with a Halo
  3. Breathe Again
  4. Revenge of the Giant Face
  5. Sex Demon
  6. Anguish
  7. Diseased
  8. Retaliate
  9. Make It All Go Away
  10. Annihilate
  11. Smiling Faces, Dirty Places

K.P. Riot Brigade
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