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K-Nitrate - VoltageK-Nitrate
Category: EBM / Electronica
Album: Voltage
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Opting for a simpler, purer form of EBM, K-Nitrate is undoubtedly at the top of its game with this, their third album.


K-Nitrate first made waves in the early to mid-‘90s with the seminal Xenophobia release, employing a straightforward and aggressive approach to underground industrial dance that was as much political commentary as it was reckless musical abandon. Appearing on several compilations, remixes, and gigging extensively, the duo of Graham Rayner and Christian Weber took a decade-long hiatus from K-Nitrate to focus on other projects. Returning in 2007 with Active Cell, it was as if they never went away, continuing to supplement their pounding techno beats with groovy bass lines that are too damn catchy to ignore. Such can be said of Voltage, an appropriately titled jolt of energetic EBM that shows K-Nitrate at the top of its game.

There is and always has been a rather simplistic quality to K-Nitrate’s music, and Voltage is no exception. Kicking immediately into high gear with the thumping assault of “Future Mind,” the listener is treated to a powerful display of throbbing beats and synthesized loops that will surely have listeners’ heads bopping, fists pumping, and feet dancing uncontrollably. There is not much in the way of extensive song structure or progression as tracks like “Flesh,” “Dead Devices,” and “Disbeliever” race by at boot-stomping BPM, chockfull of scathing and scratchy bass lines and squelches of seething synths that keep the atmosphere caustic and downright adrenalized. Vocals are provided by way of samples and brief snippets, but all of this demonstrates K-Nitrate’s propensity for playing to their strengths and offering listeners a healthy and heavy dose of good old fashioned EBM. “XMachineX” is one of the standout tracks with its marching three-count beat and ominous bass line, sounding like an amalgam of early Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, and Nitzer Ebb.

For all of its old-school mentality, there is a distinctly modernistic flair to Voltage; perhaps a result of updated production and just the right balance of bass, beat, and bravado. It can’t be said that K-Nitrate are doing anything entirely original, but it is original to them, showcasing a purity of sound and style that the band has exhibited since the band’s inception in 1993. For this, Rayner and Weber are revolutionaries against the puerile pop-induced flavor that permeates most EBM today, opting for unadulterated industrial brutality and keeping K-Nitrate a menacing force on the modern dance floor.

Track list:

  1. Future Mind
  2. Transmission
  3. Flesh
  4. Data Fix
  5. Dead Devices
  6. 7-7-9-11
  7. XMachineX
  8. Disbeliever
  9. Automatik Killer
  10. Supremacy

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