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K-Nitrate - Stark PunktK-Nitrate
Category: EBM
Album: Stark Punkt
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A remix companion that stands on its own as a bare bones, old-school helping of pure EBM as it was meant to be.


EBM, like its industrial parent, has undergone so many permutations over the last three decades that to simply identify what defines it as a genre has become virtually impossible. Consequently, there is a certain joy in those bands who disregard the trends of the day and pursue a purer, more traditional form that recalls the sonically experimental yet structurally simpler days when bands like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, and Clock DVA were heralded as the pioneers of the style. Such is the approach of K-Nitrate, a band whose own status is arguably on par with the aforementioned progenitors. Having emerged in the early ‘90s and working with the likes of C-Tec and Cubanate to name but a few, the duo of Graham Rayner and Christian Weber have crafted a distinctly old-school brand of hard-hitting EBM, culminating in six albums and numerous compilation and remix appearances that have placed them as one of the underground music scene’s most consistent quality acts. Stark Punkt comes hot on the heels of the Voltage album, offering up a remix companion that manages to stand on its own two feet. As the offbeat sequences and thumping rhythms of “Voltsmusik” begin the album, the energy is immediately on high and pervades through such tracks as “SDK” and “JU-87.” Some tracks are clear remixes of songs from Voltage, such as the Predator mix of “Automatik Killer” with its equally staccato bass line and straightforward stabs of distortion providing counterpoint to the beat, and “9-11-7-7” possessing a sparser, less overdriven arrangement versus the original “7-7-9-11.” Similarly, “Datablitz” may or may not be a remix of “Data Fix,” but the aggressive tempos and repetitive catchiness of the beats and bass lines are 100% K-Nitrate, full of vitality and enough subtle variation in the progressions to ensure that no song wears out its welcome. The album concludes with two versions of “Hate in the States,” the latter track featuring contributions from UCNX and making for a virulent helping of unadulterated techno inspired EBM the likes of which would befit any workout or rave club. Some might find the simplicity of K-Nitrate’s approach somewhat daunting, but once again, the band manages to infuse enough flavors into each element of the tracks to keep them from becoming boring. With their sights set firmly on the dance floor, Rayner and Weber have crafted a wonderful companion piece to Voltage with Stark Punkt, reminding listeners just what industrial dance was once meant to sound like.
Track list:

  1. Voltsmusik
  2. I.E.D
  3. JU-87
  4. 9-11-7-7
  5. Datablitz
  6. Automatik Killer (Predator Mix)
  7. SDK (Electrification Death Mix)
  8. Hate in the States
  9. Hate in the States (feat. UCNX)

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