Jun 2011 16

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Category: Industrial
Album: Violence Corporation
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A classic industrial styled album that consistently misses its mark in the most frustrating of fashion.


Absolutely capturing a mid-‘90s feel and style, Slovakian duo K.I.F.O.T.H.’s latest is an intricate and synth heavy throwback album. Showing signs of influence from acts such as Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, and Project Pitchfork, Violence Corporation starts and ends with a great deal of promise, but the meat of the album is just a desolate wasteland of vapid and overly convoluted composition that seems to be trying way too hard to be atypical.

The album opens decently enough with “Microbiotics” and “Ten Fingers,” each taking on an extremely strong Project Pitchfork vibe. “In Depression” is the first song to show signs of a problem as it is the first in a series of tracks completely devoid of rhythm and synth lines play out almost arbitrarily with equally random vocals slapped on over top, seemingly as an afterthought. The problem continues in tracks like “Jihad” and “Egotism” that come out incredibly flat due to their overly repetitive structure and almost complete lack of any driving beat. Then there are tracks like “Vermicular” that offer up an excruciatingly poor mix that leaves everything apart from the vocals feeling like a muffled and jumbled together mash of electronic vomit. Seemingly adding insult to injury, the album wraps with “Moral,” which acts as the antithesis of the seven tracks that precede it with its strong rhythm, vocals, and arrangement meshing together wonderfully and leaving the listener wondering why the rest of the album isn’t remotely as strong as its beginning and ending.

Obviously, not every album has to be loaded with bass throbbing dance floor hits, but Violence Corporation’s overemphasis on tinny high end synth, overly jumbled arrangements, and extremely muted to nonexistent rhythms make the majority of the album just feel empty and lifeless. It is clear that skilled hands went into the creation of this album, but that, unfortunately, makes it feel like an even bigger failure.
Track list:

  1. Microbiotics
  2. Ten Fingers
  3. In Depression
  4. Victim
  5. Jihad
  6. Egotism
  7. Vermicular
  8. Manipulator
  9. Fateway
  10. Moral

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