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Junksista - Promiscuous TendenciesJunksista
Category: Electro / New Wave / Synthpop
Album: Promiscuous Tendencies
Blurb: More than a little trashy but oh so irresistibly catchy is the sound of Junksista, bridging synthwave and dancehall into another sexually charged party album from the German duo.


In a few short years, Junksista has amassed a sizeable discography as the duo of Boog and Diana has proven to be among the most prolific in modern electro. With a down and dirty style that blends various facets of danceable beats, gritty electronics, and erotically charged vocals, the German duo has been polarizing audiences to become a singular entity on the Alfa Matrix roster – love it or hate it, there is very little middle ground when dealing with this band. Any fans concerned that the band might start to take itself a little more seriously can rest assured that Promiscuous Tendencies is, as its title suggests, every bit as lavish, lurid, and as lascivious as any of Junksista’s past titles.

As expected, Promiscuous Tendencies is a nonstop romp of sexual energy, delivered by way of Diana’s vocals that are as snarling as they are seductive. Throughout the album, she switches from a monotone, almost robotic semi-spoken verse to an emotive and exuberant chorus, following a formula that although predictable works within the framework of the pair’s tightly knit, finely tuned instrumentals. One need look no further than the single “Fuck For Love,” as the drums maintain a certain thrust that goes right for the hips, the guitars acting as little more than an affectation amid celestial synths topped off by Diana’s almost bluesy delivery, the harmonies and the guitar solo adding a nice ‘80s flair. Another example would be “Love Makes People Stupid,” as a pumping beat and throbbing synth create an irresistible dance groove that gives way to a rather striking chorus that yields one of the catchiest lines on the album, “It’s undisputed, love makes people stupid.” Sure, it’s not particularly clever and the autotuned effects (as they are on the entire album) are inescapably cheesy, but that’s just part of Junksista’s modus operandi – one gets the sense that it’s supposed to be trashy and not taken seriously. Other tracks like the funky ‘80s disco of “Away with the Fairies” or the sleazy house beats of “Bitch This Is My Party” follow down the same path, with the cringeworthy “Ice Cream” perhaps being the pinnacle of the band’s impropriety; seriously, this song is rather unbearably bubblegum with the handclap snares and obvious wordplay, the scalding, almost malevolent rock guitars and high-pitched melodies in the chorus making things just that more disconcerting. It’s certainly over-the-top, but again, all in good fun. The same can be said of “Celebration Fornication,” which is exactly as its title suggests – a praise to perversion – with dancehall synths and intricate vocal layers basking in the spotlight. On the other hand, songs like “Freak at Heart” and “Burn Your Fucking House Down” add an almost cinematic synthwave quality with ambient synths and sweeping pads, the beat in the latter track reminiscent of “Army of Me” with some crying guitar layers to add some energy in the song’s latter half. Finally bringing the party to a close is the slow and sparse beat of “Silence,” the interplay of Diana’s airy vocals with Boog’s male accompaniment adding a nice melodic counterpoint.

As stated, Junksista is not for all tastes, and many will be turned off by the duo’s apparent inability to inject any sort of lyrical nuance beyond the occasionally clever pun or play on words; what you hear is what you get, and it’s always a little sweet, very stylish, seductive, saccharine, and at times sickening. The pair’s effective programming and slick production keeps things very clean and perhaps overly processed, with the androgynous android tonality of the vocals providing the faintest hints of humanity. Elements of electroclash, synthwave, and dancehall resound throughout Promiscuous Tendencies, and for all the stern faces in the band’s press photos, there is a very clear sense that Junksista’s tongues are planted firmly in cheeks. Every tawdry lyric demands a smile and every beat commands you to get your booty on the dancefloor and into somebody’s… anybody’s bed; just remember to use a prophylactic… your ears may need it.
Track list:

  1. Monday
  2. Control
  3. Fuck For Love
  4. Monster
  5. Away with the Fairies
  6. Love Makes People Stupid
  7. Freak at Heart
  8. Ice Cream
  9. Burn Your Fucking House Down
  10. Bitch This Is My Party
  11. Celebration Fornication
  12. Silence

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