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Julien-K - Matt’s Chance (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Julien-K
Category: Soundtrack / Electro / Rock
Album: Matt’s Chance (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Stars: 4
Blurb: This smoothly engaging and lush score to the offbeat indie film will surely please fans of Julien-K for its exploration into the band’s more experimental and electronic side.


Having already demonstrated a propensity for infusing cinematic atmospheres in with the band’s own brand of dance-oriented electro/rock, as well as appearing on several soundtracks including having composed the score to the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game, Julien-K takes the next logical step with the soundtrack to independent film Matt’s Chance. Free from the constraints of the conventions of the pop/rock format, Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, and Anthony “Fu” Valcic clearly enjoy the freedom to explore their flights of electronic fancy with Matt’s Chance; still retaining the rocking and rhythmic mesh of ballsy guitars with edgy synthesizers and dance beats, the music on its own stands as a smooth and lushly energetic experience befitting the film’s offbeat nature.

With several songs from the band’s last album, We’re Here With You, appearing on the soundtrack, “Palm Springs Reset” appears as the film’s theme, full of sardonic and somber atmosphere that punctuates both the psychedelic locale and the emotional core of the bittersweet and vengeful Matt. The song’s bass line, melody, and even the underlying drumbeat appear at various points throughout the score, “A Terrible Love” pulsing with warm ambience, “Very Not Professional!” and “Mighty Matt” serving as a brief thematic interludes, while fellow dance/rock act Battle Tapes’ remix of the song makes for a punchy concluding track that bookends the album quite nicely. From beginning to end, there is a juxtaposition of unsettled urgency and kinetic fury that recalls Cliff Martinez’s recent synth-laden score to Drive; this is most readily apparent on the stomping beat and thrumming tension of “Greasy Suspicion” or the ominous throb of and vibrating stabs of lo-fi synths on “Taste the Hellfire.” The twinkling synth arpeggios and ambient swells augmented by guitar harmonics on “A Chance” also bring to mind the soundtracks of Jan Hammer, while “At the Mouth of Madness” with its accompanying slides and scrapes of guitar amid a menacing synth sequence, the piano laments of “Ruin Rants” and “Tattoo Your Soul,” and the slow, breathy, and mournful “Dance with the Devil” all serve to underscore the painfully pitiable and ambiguously abhorrent characters. The filmic complement is especially poignant and evocative on the bluesy scrapes and washes of guitar amid a throbbing synth sequence on “Happy Birthday,” breaking momentarily from time to time into a frantic segue that may be mimicking a semi-drug-induced state of some character.

Matt’s Chance is as sensual and sensory a musical experience as any regular album by Julien-K, full of the band’s sonic signatures transposed to serve a different but equally engaging purpose. Like any good soundtrack should do, Matt’s Chance offers a fine audio accompaniment to its corresponding film; even without seeing the film, as this writer has not, one need only understand the simplest of the story’s details to feel a sense of the music giving voice to the emotional content, a few samples appearing sporadically to drive the connection home. Put simply, Julien-K fans and electronic soundtrack enthusiasts alike will surely enjoy Matt’s Chance.
Track list:

  1. Welcome to the World
  2. A Terrible Love
  3. Palm Springs Reset (Matt’s Chance Theme)
  4. Hello Matt
  5. Greasy Suspicion
  6. Child’s Play
  7. L-O-V-E
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Very Not Professional!
  10. Taste the Hellfire
  11. Radio Zombies
  12. The Devil’s Den
  13. Breaking in Berlin
  14. Mother Mable
  15. A Chance
  16. Flashpoint Riot
  17. At the Mouth of Madness
  18. Mobster Mayhem
  19. Mighty Matt
  20. Walking on Painted Gold
  21. Ruin Rants
  22. Tattoo Your Soul
  23. Bringer of Death
  24. Dance with the Devil
  25. Executive Decision
  26. Matt Savage
  27. Palm Springs Reset (Battle Tapes Remix)

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