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Julien-K - California Noir (Single)Julien-K
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: California Noir (Single)
Stars: 3
Blurb: Three tracks of lush and sensual grooves balancing rock & roll energy with warm, rhythmic electronics, hinting at better things to come from Julien-K.


After collaborating with several of the EDM scene’s rising stars to produce the band’s second album, We’re Here With You, and appearing on several soundtracks, Julien-K offers a new three-track single. Chockfull of the band’s signature electro/rock style, California Noir takes the lush and smooth sounds of We’re Here With You one step further and perhaps hinting at what directions the band will be heading. With a steady dance beat and warmly shimmering guitars complementing subtly sensual electronics, the title track lives up to its name and evoking images of shady characters driving at high speeds down the Palm Tree-laden boulevards of sunny California. Ryan Shuck’s voice shines with remarkable melodicism and energy to match the music, the interplay of his and Amir Derakh’s mutant guitar sounds giving each song a classic rock & roll vibe to offset the rhythmic electro. Such is the case with a song like “She’s the Pretender” on which swells of ambient synths underplay twinkling guitars and a strident rock beat, Shuck’s soulful voice seemingly floating on air, while “No You Can’t” moves at a furious pace with a rather infectious bass line that is impossible not to get sucked into. The classic electro beats to this song are especially noteworthy, bringing to mind the likes of New Order with a modern indie rock flare, making California Noir’s runtime all too brief and leaving the listener demanding more. How much more we can expect from Julien-K on the next release remains to be seen, but if California Noir is any indication of what the band has up its collective sleeves, we can be assured a fantastic album indeed.
Track list:

  1. California Noir
  2. She’s the Pretender
  3. No You Can’t

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