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John Rox - Human RadioactivityJohn Rox
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: Human Radioactivity
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: An artist bent on exploiting his chosen instrument, an album centered around heavy but forgettable guitar riffs, and the music that forgot how to truly entertain and surprise.


The scene moniker of Italian guitarist Silvio Peluccio can neatly, if cynically, encapsulate several facets of his solo activity. He rocks, confidently and persuasively strings long passages of uninterrupted riffs while remaining somewhat undistinguished. Human Radioactivity, as if untouched by neither the technical ineptitude nor the blessed awe inspiring genius, is doomed to thread the dull waters of mediocrity. Not unpleasant but exciting only in the most mundane and obvious rock fashion.

Although the instrumental nature of Rox’s music is evident, the tracks are largely self contained with forms changing consistently from the opening duality of the brutal acoustics and underlying hiss of electro in “Love Essenza” to the later, fully realized industrial/metal aesthetic of “Monster 003.” Still, the stylistic rifts are minor enough to easily sustain a deep running connection between all compositions. The album’s biggest variable, surprisingly, is not the creative use of the guitar but the way in which the vocals are deployed by the act’s sole mastermind. On “Kill Myself,” Peluccio,s vocal work is often reminiscent of the guttural growls of Marilyn Manson, together with the obligatory menacing echoes and sudden shifts of pitch and volume. It is perhaps a residue of his involvement in the Manson tribute band but this blatant mimicry strips John Rox of identity, further condemning it to the hell of mediocrity. Alas, the entirety of the music on Human Radioactivity is mastered in the same sharp deafening tone that anticipates the cacophonous apocalypse that inevitably wreaks havoc upon your aural apparatus, even if Rox attempts to infuse his material with stoic gothic atmosphere. Whether you power through those cruel melodies or give up prematurely, it is one quality of the record that continuously dominates over its actual creative and musical properties.

John Rox as a musical entity remains anonymous. Like the albums of other, more successful rock guitarists like John 5 or the legendary Monte Pittman, Human Radioactivity also sporadically gains enough momentum to validate the prominence of the singular instrument pushed to the forefront of its structure. But so preoccupied is Peluccio with his skill and fluency that he rarely remembers to create the meaningful and memorable grounding for his muscular but repetitious solos.
Track list:

  1. World Decadence
  2. Love Essenza (Part1)
  3. Love Essenza (Part2)
  4. Monster 003
  5. Kill Myself
  6. The Intermission of the Game
  7. 7
  8. It’s a Rainy Day
  9. Demorphine
  10. Human Radioactivity
  11. The Man & The Machine
  12. 2012 World Decadence (RMX)
  13. 7 (Instrumental)

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