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Jensen - Zero One [Redux]Jensen
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Zero One [Redux]
Stars: 2
Blurb: Perhaps too distorted and dirty in its production style to attract a wider audience, this debut EP is not without its eccentric appeal.


Formed in 2012, Jensen makes no bones about it; this is a gritty, aggressive, and at times ugly brand of industrialized electro/rock. Offering the debut Zero One EP for free via the band’s own website and UK industrial/rock label Armalyte Industries, Jensen’s style is not terribly difficult to pin down as it takes some rather obvious influences from the cold and mechanical styling of Nine Inch Nails with a healthy dose of youthful angst, best conveyed via Andrew Jensen’s passionate yet familiarly angry tenor reminiscent of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington. This is especially evident on “Stars,” the synths and guitars melding to form a furiously caustic wall of distortion as Jensen’s voice switches between a melodic wail and the near-scream aggression of the chorus; it’d be rather catchy if not for its shrill and noisy production, which evokes a certain atmosphere that the band was no doubt aiming for, though it runs the risk of repelling more than it appeals. Similarly, “Ghosts” pummels and pounds with its speedy percussion, Jensen’s voice manipulated as to give it the cadence of an automaton in danger of breaking down, the chord progression simple to the point of banality; thankfully, the song is brief enough to keep any sense of boredom from setting in, and the i! Have a Ouija Board remix opts for a more steely and cleanly electronic style that is much more dynamic in its arrangement and grants the listeners’ ears a slight bit of reprieve from the overdriven noise of the original. While Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” might have been a perfect anthem for youthful rebellion, something about Jensen’s voice gives the boisterous and scathing cover an even punkier and dirty quality that in this writer’s opinion diminishes the song. As stated, the production sound that Jensen opts for is rather heavy on distortion and is downright abrasive in a manner perhaps more similar to digital hardcore than to industrial/rock, which is certainly appropriate given the band’s rather punkish attitude and presentation. Unfortunately, this is sure to put many who might be otherwise inclined to focus on the songwriting, which is present and worthy of mention; if Jensen can find a more effective balance between the extremities of sound and the mechanics of songwriting, the band may have a chance of going somewhere further.
Track list:

  1. Ghosts
  2. The Corruptor
  3. Stars
  4. Wild Boys
  5. Ghosts (i! Have a Ouija Board Remix)

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