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Jensen - IIJensen
Category: Industrial / Rock
Album: II
Blurb: With this second outing, Jensen may have achieved a slicker production sound, but seems either unwilling or incapable of escaping the trappings of adolescent lyrical angst that sounds a bit too familiar.


Jensen had some strides to make after the less than auspicious Zero One debut in 2014, and one would hope that they be revealed in this appropriately titled second EP. Alas, even with a slicker production sound, the formula of the previous release is repeated almost to a tee, with Andrew Jensen’s strident tenor conveying punkish angst and dejected emotion amid coldly rhythmic electronics in a manner that once again calls to mind the likes of Nine Inch Nails with a bit of 16volt and Linkin Park. The two opening tracks set the stage, with “Infector” boasting a chorus of “Nothing can stop me now / nothing can stop the infector” amid chugging guitars atop a simple bass drone and percolating percussive textures, while “Every Day” is slower, more insidious, with the guttural drawl of the distorted synth and guitar as Jensen sings “Every day I feel so far away.” Similarly, “Let Down” is almost laughably juvenile as screams of “You fucking let me down” atop light pianos, analog synth arpeggios, and stabbing guitar chords just sound like an angry teenage punk’s ill advised attempt to rewrite “Terrible Lie.” It all sounds a bit too familiar, and while the prevalence of pianos, plucking synth tones, and an almost cheesy “na-na-na” vocal accompaniment in “One Million Miles” helps to elevate that song above the monotony of the EP as a whole, it is only marginally so. The same can be said of “Addicted to You,” which stands out for its funky beat and slap bass effects, with the trickling synth arpeggios helping to make for a brooding and almost erotically charged track that by the second chorus has exhausted all of its intrigue, the subsequent layers of synth solos failing to achieve any kind of sonic or emotional release. II ends with “Pale Horse,” which would’ve worked as an instrumental track as swells of distorted synths, slow marching beats, and gritty bass move with the anticipation of an impending storm; some rather good hooks in the form of moaning synth leads and steely ethnic strings adorn the song, but the repetitions of “Blissfully dead” resonate to the end as if to keep the listener in the clutches of misdirected adolescent rage. It’s a shame that Jensen’s music suffers from the same shortcomings that kept Halo In Reverse from becoming a leading voice in the new crop of industrial/rock – well produced and musically adept, but lyrically and vocally impotent and with too many similarities to Nine Inch Nails, despite their best efforts to achieve the opposite.
Track list:

  1. Infector
  2. Every Day
  3. Addicted to You
  4. Let Down
  5. One Million Miles
  6. Pale Horse

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