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Jane in Space - Jane in SpaceJane in Space
Category: Electro / Industrial / Alternative
Album: Jane in Space
Stars: 4
Blurb: Jane in Space beautifully melds modern alternative rock sensibilities with the classic comfort of electro/industrial beats on this self-titled debut release.


Founded in 2014, New York City based Jane in Space has made waves with the debut album through a unique amalgam of genres that certainly will please a wide audience.

Just like at a swanky buffet, there is something for everyone to sink their teeth into on Jane in Space – ambient electro, pulsing industrial, alternative rock, and darkwave ballads. Each track on the record is a delicate blend of the variety of influences from which it was inspired. The first few tracks skew toward a more electro-pop/alternative rock vibe. Singer Tom Vicker grew up in Oxford, England, and cites Depeche Mode as an influence, which shines through in some of the vocal stylings and synth melodies. The spirit of other Brit pop/rock acts of the ‘80s and ‘90s like Radiohead, Blur, Muse, and even the slightest smidgen of Phil Collins comes to mind on “Say Something” and “Dehydrated.” “Jane3” is a hypnotic electronic instrumental track, which serves as a bridge between the lighter, electro/rock opening songs and the heavier industrial sound that gradually increases in the latter tracks. The beats and synths take a turn for the dark and distorted, particularly on the very Nine Inch Nails influenced “Weightlessness” and “Mental Abrasions.” The warbling synth bass and even the cadence of the vocals on these tracks capture Reznor’s sound of The Downward Spiral era, but with a modern twist. The final tracks on Jane in Space return to a gentler, more introspective place. Clean pianos and pads sweep through the lovely ballad “Spiderwebs” and show off Vicker’s higher vocal range. “Feel It Alive,” also the band’s first single from the album, closes the album on a memorable high note. The tune is catchy, trippy, and shows creative experimentation with layered vocals and rhythmic patterns.

Jane in Space certainly has created a musically captivating album that successfully marries a variety of genres together in a smooth and coherent manner. The band’s musical influences stand out strongly on some of the tracks, which has its pros and cons. However, the band definitely possesses its own vibe, and as they continue to grow, coalesce, and come into their own, it will be a joy to see what’s in store on future albums after such a strong debut.
Track list:

  1. Say Something
  2. Dehydrated
  3. Jane3
  4. Dizzy Head
  5. Weightlessness
  6. Mental Abrasions
  7. Helsinki
  8. Spiderwebs
  9. ImssI
  10. Feel It Alive

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