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Jäger 90 - Wir Bitten zum TanzJäger 90
Category: Industrial
Album: Wir Bitten zum Tanz
Stars: 2
Blurb: Jäger 90 is asking you to dance, but sound like it doesn’t really care if you accept the invitation or not.


Perhaps a reaction to an overall feeling that electronic music has lost its way, there seems to have been a slowly growing trend of “classic” heavy EBM inspired acts emerging, reforming, or rebranding themselves. The German duo, Jäger 90, is one of the newer acts to channel this sound and as a treat to the fans compiled this limited edition EP.

While capturing an overall EBM style similar to vintage Nitzer Ebb, Jäger 90 thrives on straightforward beat driven tracks with few frills and simplistic syths. Where Jäger 90 diverges from many of these classic acts, however, is in the vocal department. Where most of the classic EBM style acts would bring bombastic, energetic vocals, Jäger 90 adopts an excessively mellow, sleepy style with German lyrics that may be intended to come across as robotic. This combination of minimal electronics, steady beat, and monotone vocals yields a style that seems almost like a caricature of electronic music as a whole. In Wir Bitten zum Tanz specifically, the style causes this short EP’s tracks to blend together and make it feel even shorter. For example, between “Sonntag ist Kried” and “Ich Komm zu Dir,” it is easy to mistake the slight change of pace that occurs as just a transition to a different part of the same song instead of an entirely new song.

Since this EP is stated to be for fans and those who have acquired a taste for this style and want more of the same, they are sure to find it here. It’s easy to see what Jäger 90 is attempting with its simple, minimal style, the monotone vocals, and overall lack of passion in the delivery, but it also makes it very difficult to shake the feeling that the act as a whole is some sort of cute joke from a Saturday Night Live sketch to mock electronic music.
Track list:

  1. Sonntag ist Krieg
  2. Ich Komm zu Dir
  3. Halt Mich
  4. Eure Mütter sind Väter
  5. Stiefel bis zum Knie
  6. Die Schiessen
  7. Komm Zeig’s Mir (Roh Variante)
  8. Glücklich & Schön (Roh Variante)

Jäger 90 Website http://www.jaeger90.com
Jäger 90 MySpace http://www.myspace.com/jaeger90ebm
Jäger 90 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/J%C3%84GER-90/364952733773
Electro Arc Records Website http://www.electro-arc.de
Electro Arc Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/okzident
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