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Iszoloscope - False VacuumIszoloscope
Category: Experimental / Noise / Industrial
Album: False Vacuum
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: While showcasing a refinement of skill and style, this eighth album sticks very much to the grain of Iszoloscope’s sound, sure to please longtime fans if not astound them.


It has been five years since Yann Faussurier has graced our ears with the clamorous and caustic sounds of Iszoloscope, but with False Vacuum, he seems to be intent on rewarding our patience. Ever honing his craft with each release, continuing to find harsher ways to mangle his beats and infuse dark atmospheres into his own particular brand of rhythmic noise, this eighth album sees the artist unapologetically hurling his audience right into the maelstrom. Beginning with the pseudo-classical twinkles of “Awe Gratitude Rapture,” the album begins on a pensive note as a repeated arpeggio pattern gives rise to almost symphonic constructions of organic pads, light but tense percussion, all serving as a prologue to what is sure to be a darkly lit epic that may or may not reach the levels of harrowing darkness that past albums like The Audient Void or The Edge of Certainty provided. There is a feeling of restraint on this track, as if not to jar listeners’ senses too much to allow them to settle into their seats and prepare… for what? We soon find out once “Chronophage” hits, opening first with the unsettling sounds of a broken music box and throbs of horn-like distortion that gradually gives rise to the onslaught of crunchy glitch-laden beats. Now you know for certain that it’s Iszoloscope with the insistent pulses of subsonic bass and cavernous howls of ambient noise. Even so, on this track, as well as on others of its kind like “Spectral Inverter” with its fluidic warbles of bass and disharmonious loops and techno-esque arpeggios, the grinding breaks, pulsing bass, and chiming melodies of “Faint Negative Charge,” and the vicious and menacing speed of “Relevance Outside Logic,” there is a sense of refinement in Iszoloscope’s methods; all of the elements that have encompassed past outings are present in abundance, but all more distinctly defined in the mix and with tighter structures and progressions. However, a problem that this writer has perceived throughout Iszoloscope’s work continues to persist in that despite this refinement, the barrage of noisy beats from track to track does tend to become rather monotonous; even with the various stops and starts, melodic and darkly atmospheric passages, it becomes difficult to distinguish where one song ends and another begins. While this does add to the symphonic qualities hinted at on the first track, this writer would’ve preferred more variety than that and the two versions of “Experimenting with Truth” to showcase more of Iszoloscope’s abilities to transcend its own conventions. Indeed, the thunderous roar of reverberating percussion and the unearthly howls of bass and droning sustain on the two “Experimenting with Truth” variations is a nice respite from the pummeling percussive assault that encompasses the other tracks, but as they and “Awe Gratitude Rapture” only make up a third of the album, they succeed only so much. All in all, False Vacuum is an excellent album for Iszoloscope as Faussurier sticks readily to his strengths and after five years has shown that he can still do better within the parameters he has set for himself. This is clearly the work of an artist at the height of his skills, if not at the height of his inspiration, but that should be enough that longtime fans of Iszoloscope will not likely be disappointed.
Track list:

  1. Awe Gratitude Rapture
  2. Chronophage
  3. Spectral Inverter
  4. Experimenting with Truth (Solve)
  5. Faint Negative Charge
  6. Vacuum Metastability
  7. Relevance Outside Logic
  8. Absolute and Eternal Moral Nighttime
  9. Experimenting with Truth (Coagula)

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Website, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp
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