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I:Scintilla - Marrow 1I:Scintilla
Category: Alternative / Rock
Album: Marrow 1 EP
Stars: 2
Blurb: An acoustic release that will interest no one but the band’s most ardent (and hardened) fans.


I:Scintilla’s last album, Dying & Falling toyed with several different modes of electronica driven expression – from a chill-out groove, through all out guitar aggression, to typical industrial frenzy. Marrow 1 finds the Chicago act exploring yet another convention, but this undercooked “unplugged” EP lacks both the signature energy and songwriting aptitude.

The track list consists of a mixture of old and new, borrowed and original, and the opening “Drag Along” was written specifically for this brief collection. Minuscule in its length and scope, the song is confidently realized in the stripped down acoustic fashion but is unable to distinguish itself in any possible way. From plucking guitars to dramatic vocals, it’s an unsurprising template of a track delivered by artists capable of more. Despite Brittany Bindrim’s emotional delivery and potent vocals, the following “Girl U Want” struggles to reach the climax, stuck in the state of underdevelopment and perhaps not meant to exist in this paralytic form that denies it the catchy rock & roll vibe of the already flawed Devo hit. “Ammunition” is the first track of the EP that combats this sense of musical coma with a decidedly richer and livelier arrangement that allows it to rise beyond the anemic setup. Still, despite some unexpected backing vocals, courtesy of Brittany’s father, the original stands tall and proud, towering over this version due to its energizing dynamic. Drowning in melancholy, “The Shake” allows the vocals to reach some of the EP’s highest and weepiest notes, but on a release so uneventful, a melodramatic ballad seems to be a counterproductive and lethargic addition. And while it’s hardly a mystery why of all of the fantastically catchy songs from IAMX, I:Scintilla decided to rework fan favorite “Spit It Out,” it is a truth unknown why its lively beat had to be challenged by their temporary modus operandi that removes most of the elements that rendered Corner’s song so memorable in the first place.

Although one can very well imagine diehard fans of I:Scintilla buying into this pointless maneuver towards the genre transcendence, it is difficult to recommend Marrow 1 to industrial aficionados, even those craving a brave stylistic change. If a little more care went into the conversion of their own material into acoustic tunes, I:Scintilla’s new EP could defend itself from this unexpected position. Unpolished and downright basic, it’s a curious attempt that doesn’t feel genuine and doesn’t deserve the same attention that the work of I:Scintilla usually does.
Track list:

  1. Drag Along
  2. Girl U Want
  3. Ammunition
  4. Spit It Out
  5. The Shake

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