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IoNiZeR - New Global DisorderIoNiZeR
Category: Trip-Hop / IDM / Ambient
Album: New Global Disorder
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A somber and weighty album seemingly crafted from the ingredients of nightmares.


The second album from this Belgian act brings a dose of smooth down-tempo trip-hop, but has infused the sound with a dark and ominous flavor that gives the album an unsettling feeling. Far from going for the cliché horror overtones, IoNiZeR has instead managed to capture an unnerving feeling subtly by seemingly tapping into the elements of classic thriller and horror film scores, resulting in an album that mimics the feeling of a restless dream rather than an in your face scare-fest.

Appearing to be heavily steeped in classic film scores, IoNiZeR employs a wide array of techniques to give the feeling that something wicked this way comes. Tracks like “Grey Tones” and “Dark Matter Matters” seem to borrow heavily from some vaguely familiar but unidentifiable film score, its foreboding nature accentuated by the deep bass and almost out of place hip-hop beat. “Buried” cleverly takes a mixture of tortured cello loops and an otherworldly drone to give a mournful, ghostly feel to the track. The dramatic sweeping strings of “New Global Disorder” give this track a grandiose, but classic feeling that brings to mind the themes of thrillers such as Alfred Hichcock’s Psycho and Vertigo. “Question Everything” takes on more of an otherworldly feel with its opening beat and subtle shuffling rhythm sections bringing to mind the sound of the unseen beast from the science fiction classic Forbidden Planet. Vague recollections and blending of memories run rampant throughout the album, adding even more to the dreamlike feel.

New Global Disorder is unquestionably a finely crafted album, but at times, it truly suffers from its own success. The aural landscapes painted by IoNiZeR are very grim and menacing and don’t provide the usual mellow and relaxing feeling brought on by your typical trip-hop artist. Instead, the album leaves the listener on edge and uncomfortable. This makes for a perfect accompaniment to a film, but for an average restful afternoon, New Global Disorder may be a little difficult to enjoy.
Track list:

  1. Dark Matter Matters
  2. Grey Tones
  3. Dead Leaves
  4. Buried
  5. New Global Disorder
  6. Nothingness
  7. Question Everything
  8. Armchair Warriors
  9. Aydio – Borneo Function (IoNIiZeR Remix)

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