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Invertia - Another Scheme of the WickedInvertia
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Another Scheme of the Wicked
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Invertia employs blast beats, death growls, raw guitars, and blasphemous samples to deliver an adrenaline pumping album that would have benefitted from more variety.


In March of 2013, the duo of Dave Coppola and Tim Winston released their aptly titled Debut, which doubtlessly tore the ears from many a listener. After a little more than a year, they return to finish the job with an album of five tracks and five remixes entitled Another Scheme of the Wicked. Picking up where Debut left off, Another Scheme of the Wicked is filled with wicked guitars and imposing drums. Invertia seems to have one thing in mind – to make the fastest, heaviest, most brutal industrial/metal that has ever existed. The band seems to have no problem in achieving this goal; however, a wider perspective could have served to make the album more enjoyable. Invertia may have realized this and included five remixes – one remix for each original track – that explore a wide range of sounds and genres.

Invertia opens the album with a despondent sounding guitar, which serves to announce the furious storm of what is about to come in the form of wicked sounding guitars and drums and is the motive that drives the opening track, “The Sidewinding.” After a harsh onslaught, there is a momentary breath that intensifies the upcoming brutality. The drums and guitars on “Cross Eyed Christ” work together with the snare accenting the gut punching guitar all to underscore the death growls of Coppola. “Void of Community” opens up with a foreboding guitar riff that accompanies the screaming vocals. Throughout the track, the accompaniment punctuates the end of the phrases with a simultaneous scream from the guitar and crash from the drums that makes you want to raise your fist in the air. In between the verses, this punctuation develops into bullets that hit the listener right in the face. In “Hourglass without Sand,” the growling vocals return with more punctuated guitar riffs. During the bridge of this song, the music slows down and becomes a droning ambient landscape of doom, one of the few times on the album where the listener receives some well earned respite. The last original track on the album is “They’re Everywhere,” which is a full on blast of throttling rhythms and screaming.

The remix side of the album is where the variation begins. The first remix, “The Sidewinding” remixed by Justin K Broadrick, is an ambient treatment full of drones and sparse rhythms. End.user’s remix of “Cross Eyed Christ” incorporates breakcore rhythms and bass and the original growling vocals into a well crafted track. “Void of Community” is remixed by Coppola under his TranZi3nt side project. As he is the guitarist of Invertia, it is no surprise that guitars appear on the remix along with synthesized drums. This time, however, the blazing fury is replaced with a much appreciated droning ambient fury. Submerged returns to the original intensity of the album with his remix of “Hourglass without Sand,” but replaces the guitars and live drums with a flurry of fat, distorted kicks. Finally, the album closes with the R3TRD remix of “They’re Everywhere,” which sounds like it took everything from the original track and time-stretched it and pitched it down, which makes for an appropriate ending for an album that spent the majority of its time at maximum speed and volume.

The original tracks of this album show much potential, especially for a live performance. However, without much variety, the awesome intensity begins to lose its effect. The ambient remixes gave a nice perspective on the original tracks, but they were all at the end of the album. It would be nice to see some variety in the band’s original music and placed throughout the album.
Track list:

  1. The Sidewinding
  2. Cross-Eyed Christ
  3. Void of Community
  4. Hourglass without Sand
  5. They’re Everywhere
  6. The Sidewinding (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)
  7. Cross-Eyed Christ (End.user Remix)
  8. Void of Community (TranZi3nt Remix)
  9. Hourglass Without Sand (Submerged Remix)
  10. They’re Everywhere (R3TRD Remix)

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