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The .Invalid - The Aesthetics of FailureThe .Invalid
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: The Aesthetics of Failure
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: A debut that at once establishes a new merger of sounds and moods, sets an impressive record for its label, and for its creator creates an honest outlet for harsh beats and emotional lyrics.


The fact that The .Invalid’s debut album has been in the making for over two years might not be enough to build a sufficient hype, but the fact that until now, The Aesthetics of Failure still remains the DWA label’s record breaking pre-order elevates the hopes and expectations significantly. Scotsmen Séamus Bradd, the sole creative force behind the emotional yin and the electro yang of The .Invalid joins the growing ranks of the British Isles’ industrial force with desired aplomb while realizing most of the potential of his new act.

The hints of ambient driven melancholy dominate the first moments of the album… that is until the slowly swaying passages are invaded by the hardcore assault of screams and a swish of electronic lashes cutting through the dense atmospheres. The scattered sharp sounds of “Deletion,” as well as Bradd’s obvious appreciation of moody lyrical soundscapes, establish the pleasures of one’s encounter with The Aesthetics of Failure, and the rest of the track list to a large degree positions itself somewhere on the opposite poles of this aural duality. The record’s big stompers, “Breaksequence” and “Cry Wolf” define The .Invalid’s capacity to overwhelm its audience and both compositions produce a fertile ground for immediate bodily reaction to the glitch-laden melodies and the relentless beat. The true value of these tracks, however, comes not from their ability to elicit reactions from the rave hungry club goers but from those appreciative of the layers of music that build up the record’s intense dramatic capacity. The vocals might indeed adhere to the unspoken standards of EBM angst, but the choruses escalate the emotional content of the album beyond the clichés of the genre, shaping The Aesthetics of Failure into an emotional, often pop-esque industrial package. Whether it’s the angry chant of “Quantify” or the desperate cries of “Overstep,” The .Invalid benefits from the vocal sensitivity that permeates the entire length of the album and translates into the deliberate instrumentations of cyberpunk ballads like “As the Sea Turns Black” and “Beyond My Reach.” The music never really steps into dubstep infested territory, but the sound is fresh with the production emphasizing raw, sharp, and dynamic electronica over the muffled blunt force of club oriented aggrotech.

Séamus Bradd bravely embraced high emotionalism and embedded it within a convincing showcase of his talent and passion. His first solo release is equipped with enough electrifying, straightforward sonic energy and thoughtful writing to win over a broad demographic – those listeners who indulge themselves in a sweeping ambience of pacing IDM and those addicted to high octane doses of dynamic electro. Both facets of The .Invalid are constructed with equal conviction, rendering The Aesthetics of Failure a persuasive and honest piece of genre music, capable of hypnotizing and captivating the audience.
Track list:

  1. Deletion
  2. Breaksequence
  3. Cry Wolf
  4. Quantify
  5. As the Sea Turns Black
  6. Not Enough
  7. Beyond My Reach
  8. Overstep
  9. Blind Myself
  10. A Dying Breed
  11. Everything Is Fleeting
  12. Breaksequence (Valhall Remix)
  13. Deletion (Alter Der Ruine Remix)
  14. 14. Cry Wolf (Die Sektor Remix)

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