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Inure - The CallInure
Category: Industrial Rock
Album: The Call
Stars: 3
Blurb: Not quite uniformly winning, but an absorbing collection nevertheless, soaked in dark ambience and the energy of industrial engines that soar in between the tracks of lesser value and power.


The Cthulhu like figure, embedded in darkness, with its glowing eyes piercing through the listener’s wavering intent is a powerful invitation to Inure’s latest slew of diverse industrial rock pleasures. The Call might be coming at the back of band’s 2012 The Offering and as such, does not deliver an grand surprises, but the cohesive musical structures from that record translate well into solid remixes and several truly outstanding compositions.

The exorcism of the industrial demons by way of a dark electro-pop ritual is a palpable process throughout the opening “The Call;” one that benefits substantially from the wham of the colliding rock intensity of guitar driven anguish and the melodic line of vocals, shrieks, and whispers. The first song of the EP is at once classically acoustic and sizzling with the electronic pulse of living synthesizers. Following it, the remix of “The Offering” is an equally eclectic and exciting concoction of heavy guitars, lively resonant electro, and mysterious pseudo orchestral textures that lay the foundation for a composition that is simultaneously aggressive and hypnotic. Swaying between the distorted walls of sound and swirling synths, Cryogen Second’s reworking of Inure’s original single lives a new life on The Call and easily becomes the centrepiece of the release. The enticing and resonant matter from which this track is crafted returns on “Blinding,” a fresh new composition that puts a wonderful enchanting spin on romantic, atmospheric pop with drums and chimes dominating its flow while a sweet female voice leads you towards the rewarding emotional heights. Part witch house enigma, part straightforward rock ballad, “Blinding” instantly justifies the price of admission to the thrilling ride that is The Call. Expectedly, not all of the remixes share the same high quality DNA and while Rotersand delivers a catchy EBM version of “This Death,” Alter Der Ruine’s mix is plagued by dub influences and the rest of the content doesn’t seem to have the same immediate appeal, requiring the listener to ease into the nuances of their style.

It’s certainly a meaty and enticing companion piece to The Offering but an add-on nevertheless and not quite a substitute for that release proper. If you have already picked up a copy of Inure’s last album and soaked every ounce of its atmospheric industrial rock content, The Call will make for a fitting extension of moods and ideas that shaped that record. Otherwise, you will do well to dig through 2012’s backlog of music to experience the vision of Adam Moore and Vex in its full glory before turning your attention to this EP.
Track list:

  1. The Call
  2. The Offering (Cryogen Second Remix)
  3. The Call (Shok’s Star Sixty Nine Remix)
  4. Blinding
  5. All Alone (Extinction Front Remix)
  6. The Call (Alter Der Ruine Remix)
  7. This Death (Rotersand Rework)
  8. The Call (Anthony Jones Remix)

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